January 14, 2024

100 days later Israel still bombing and killing. . #Israel #genocide

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100 days later Israel stillBombing and killing. . #Israel #genocide

December 31, 2023

How Zionists Sold Out Jews. And, Deluded “Christian Zionists” were Zionists Before Jews.

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How Zionists collaborated with the Nazis, in conversation with Tony Greenstein | EI Podcast

December 30, 2023

Israel & Palestine Dialectics: Biodigitalization

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Israel & Palestine Dialectics: Biodigitalization

And guess who has “extensive” land holdings in Israel? If you guessed Rome/(The Vatican). You are correct. The heretical entity known as The Roman Catholic Church.


Article 4

§ 1. The State of Israel affirms its continuing commitment to maintain and respect the “Status quo” in the Christian Holy Places to which it applies and the respective rights of the Christian communities thereunder. The Holy See affirms the Catholic Church’s continuing commitment to respect the aforementioned “Status quo” and the said rights.

§ 2. The above shall apply notwithstanding an interpretation to the contrary of any Article in this Fundamental Agreement.

§ 3. The State of Israel agrees with the Holy See on the obligation of continuing respect for and protection of the character proper to Catholic sacred places, such as churches, monasteries, convents, cemeteries and their like.

§ 4. The State of Israel agrees with the Holy See on the continuing guarantee of the freedom of Catholic worship.

Article 6

The Holy See and the State of Israel jointly reaffirm the right of the Catholic Church to establish, maintain and direct schools and institutes of study at all levels; this right being exercised in harmony with the rights of the State in the field of education.

Article 10

§ 1. The Holy See and the State of Israel jointly reaffirm the right of the Catholic Church to property.

§ 2. Without prejudice to rights relied upon by the Parties:

a) The Holy See and the State of Israel will negotiate in good faith a comprehensive agreement, containing solutions acceptable to both Parties, on unclear, unsettled and disputed issues, concerning property, economic and fiscal matters relating to the Catholic Church generally, or to specific Catholic Communities or institutions.

b) For the purpose of the said negotiations, the Permanent Bilateral Working Commission will appoint one or more bilateral subcommissions of experts to study the issues and make proposals.

c) The Parties intend to commence the aforementioned negotiations within three months of entry into force of the present Agreement, and aim to reach agreement within two years from the beginning of the negotiations.

d) During the period of these negotiations, actions incompatible with these commitments shall be avoided.



And, Rome’s growth continues there. From June 2013:

Deputy FM, in Rome, says agreement could be signed this year; Holy See to receive permission for two new churches

The extensive properties owed by the church will continue to be exempt from paying property tax.

Israel-Vatican deal on land use said imminent (Archive copy)

December 6, 2023

They’re following the script we knew they would.

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June 2023:

Keep in mind, that term “legal” is given a LOT of wiggle room.

US military offers legal migrants path to citizenship amid recruiting shortfall (Archive copy)

And the next step!

December 2023:

Sen. Durbin: We Should Allow Illegal Immigrants To Earn Citizenship By Joining Armed Forces (Archive copy)

They’re not young fighting aged men for nothing. And, don’t expect them all to be placed “over seas”.

December 5, 2023

Israeli War Propaganda, 2023 Style.

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Israel Made Me an Offer! $$$

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