February 26, 2024

Check the progression, which is actually mental regression. Resist so-called artificial intelligence (AI).

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We used to remember phone numbers, no longer. For services, we used to call humans via phones. Then, we moved to websites via phone. After that, no more even remembering a website, use an app. The apps track us more than a website. Now, it is moving from apps, to so-called artificial intelligence (AI) doing it all. While we mentally atrophy, from doing less ourselves.

This concept AI phone shows us a future with no apps.

Microsoft says you need more so-called artificial intelligence (AI), for your “protection”. Don’t fall for it!!!

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Microsoft Azure Operator Call Protection Overview

February 17, 2024

Incognito Mode is not incognito, it’s more like

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Incognito Mode is not incognito, it’s more like

YouTube “si” tracking parameter when sharing

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YouTube “si” tracking parameter when sharing

Link to reddit thread. (Archive copy)

When you share a video from the YouTube app, or “share” icon. The link it provides is a unique tracker. So, YouTube knows everyone you share the video with. If you put that link into a desktop web browser, it will resolve to the actual public web address. That is the one I usually share, to avoid YouTube tracking. They just started that unique tracking ID stuff recently.

February 14, 2024

What is Neuralink Really For?

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Neuralink, once popularized and normalized. Will make EV issues look like a walk in the park. What will come from this having large scale implementation, will seem nice at first. And the downside realized far too late. Things best refused only gets worse. Mass scale mind hacks WILL become a thing.

What is Neuralink Really For?

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