November 15, 2021

Victoria’s Friends, A Ministry Helping Women Out of The Sex Industry

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A ministry to help if God leads you to:

February 14, 2021

Pray for Voddie Baucham

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February 28, 2009

Is The Church Supposed To Leave A Brother In Need Indefinetly?

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Last year, I made a post titled Yet Another “Slain in the Spirit” Injury Lawsuit. Please read it to understand some of the details of this latest related post. Also see the comments under that previous post, where Matt Lincoln offers some updates about the situation.

Basically, Matt dropped his lawsuit and I’ve seen copies of the court filed documents ending the lawsuit, which prove the case has been dropped. But despite Matt first seeking help from his local church, not receiving it and after the strife involved in a lawsuit, then dropping the case. Matt still is not receiving any assistance from the church group he was part of. If Matt was 100% wrong for filing a lawsuit, he’s dropped his case. Should his former local church still hold it against him, or should they now embrace him and seek to help him with his mounting medical bills? It’s pretty much a given that they know he’s got lots of mounting medical bills! I feel, regardless of whether someone sees Matt’s lawsuit as good or bad, someone who did a deed not known among Gentiles was received back in 2 Corinthians 2. So no matter how someone cares to view Matt’s prior actions, there is no longer any lawsuit and leaving a Christian to suffer with no aid for their medical bills is just evil. I mean I can’t come up with any term to call it but evil. Letting anger rule instead of love.

So here’s the deal, you now have an opportunity to stand in the gap! You who wish to help Matt Lincoln with his medical bills can forward him funds via Paypal to the e-mail address eyelovejesus [put an at symbol right here]

If you feel what Matt’s local church is doing is wrong, rather than responding in anger, respond in love and help Matt. Fellow Christians, consider Matthew 25:31-46 and consider that you didn’t deserve the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ. We have a brother in need and I feel he deserves better than us leaving him to suffer physically and suffer the hassle of debt from medical bills.

I really don’t like that some pastors lead people to feel they should fall backwards. While there are plenty of cases in scripture of people falling, who, why and how they fell is not a trivial matter, but of great importance. Saints feeling the power of God fell to their knees or face forward, while often falling backwards was not a sign all was well. So I dislike seeing pastors approving of people falling backwards and claiming they were “slain in the spirit”. It’s a per meeting practice in some churches, while in the Bible regular falling backwards was not occurring. Take some time to read this short write-up that explains in detail: Slain in the Spirit. With Christ present in flesh and later His Apostles present, we didn’t see people who loved God falling backwards from the power of God, especially not as some regular routine. People getting hurt should help identify something is not functioning in proper order.

September 18, 2008

Our Sister Covina Could Use Your Help.

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Covina, who has often made contributions related to material posted on this blog, lives in the Houston, Texas area. Like many there, she is now dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Ike.

Here’s the deal, she’s got no power and needs a generator. An item she’s not in a position to purchase herself at the moment, especially given she like most others is currently unable to work, her job is still closed. If people send money via something like Paypal, it would take days for her to get what she needs and the banks are closed. So sending via Paypal would leave her with money she can’t access. Basically, someone with enough funds sending them via a money wire service would be a more optimal solution. She’s open to whatever anyone might be able to offer. If you are able to help her, you can reach her to further discuss at:
The prefix of that address in the graphic above is CPEE72. She’s doing a good bit of her e-mail communication via her cell phone, so don’t be lengthy in correspondence 🙂 .

Of course, prayer would be a good thing to do for Covina and others, even if you’re unable to assist.

September 9, 2008

Our Brother In Christ Needs Your Help.

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Kyle Andrews alerted me to the blog Truth Matters, a blog that earnestly contends for the faith. And Kyle pointed out a post to me titled Prayer and Help For My Mother, Carol. This is a moment for the church to help one in need. Paypal donations are being accepted, but if you don’t have Paypal, see the blogger’s profile page and contact him for another means to help. Keep in mind, with Paypal donations there is a transaction fee that Paypal will take from whatever is donated. So consider giving an extra dollar or 2 to cover the transaction expenses.

In the post Prayer and Help For My Mother, Carol, you’ll even notice in the 3rd comment, how a fanatic of false teachers mocks in this time of need for that blogger. I may be totally against the teachings of someone such as Rick Warren, but if he or one of his followers were in real need I pray I would abide by Romans 12:20 instead of mocking them. Perhaps one day the Lord will show them better and considering Ephesians 4:26-27 I won’t let their evil drive me to rage.

Helping the blogger who has made the request won’t get you any big money in return in this life. It won’t heal all your physical ailments. It won’t cause all your unsaved family remembers to suddenly repent. It will just be a case of saints helping each other and you should only give if you really feel it is for you to give.

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