March 13, 2024

Justice For Stefan Suto

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He was infused with 21ml of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with 500ml of dextrose water, a dose that is more than 4 times higher than allowed by oxidative therapy practitioners. This protocol have been not only administered by the physician herself, former Dr. Carrie Madej, but her prescription of this protocol was carelessly approved and further administered by the team of two doctors in Florida who allegedly “forgot” to check if Carrie Madej’s protocol was accurate or even needed. Stefan was also nebulized by former Dr. Madej herself, with a strong, highly inaccurate protocol of 2ml of 3% food grade H2O2 mixed with 0.5ml of water. The above mentioned “treatments” caused agonizing pain and decline of Stefan’s health condition to a point of no return.

Justice For Stefan Suto (Archive copy)

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February 15, 2024

Annette Larkins pays tribute to her late husband

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Annette Larkins pays tribute to her late husband

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February 4, 2024

Carl Weathers, Pro COVID Vaccine, Pro Mask, and Dead at 76.

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Best known as Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies, Carl Weathers. He was pro vax and pro mask, he said it himself. No disrespect, but we need to recognize what is really killing people, the shots!

Link to original Tweet. (Archive copy)

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July 23, 2023

Flipping Tables 2023-07-23 With Eyes To See…

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FT 2023-07-23 With Eyes To See…

December 29, 2022

Soccer Star Pelé has Died. And Media Obituaries are Missing Something.

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Got the shot in March 2021, tumor/cancer by September 2021, dead December 2022.

Brazilian football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, has died aged 82 in Sao Paulo.

Pele’s passing at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil’s largest city follows a prolonged period of ill-health and a battle with colon cancer.

The football icon had a tumor removed from his colon in September last year, and had been visiting the hospital on a regular basis.

Pele: From humble beginnings to football’s first global superstar (Archive copy)

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