August 26, 2008

Reasons I Don’t Want US Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior Assassinated. Aside From The Fact Murder Is An Evil Wrong.

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Well there have been media reports, that somebody possibly wanted to whack (murder) Obama. And I must say, I’ve been hoping Obama is NOT murdered probably MORE THAN many of his supporters. Of course murder is a horrible sin, but aside from that, here are many other reasons I really dread even thinking of Obama being dead. I mean I don’t want him murdered, I don’t want him to die of failing health. I mean I really don’t want the man to die now and here’s why:

So I say, long live Barack Hussein Obama, Junior! And if the Lord wills, may he come to know the truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. (See: Why Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Honestly is Not a Christian.)

August 9, 2008

Timothy Wright Is In Need Of Donations, To Continue Receiving Good Medical Treatment.

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Hat tip to reader Andre.

Read the NY Daily News article titled Rev. Wright wants to return to pulpit a month after crash killed wife, grandson. It details much of the situation. And I can tell you, the figures being stated are not inflated or fabrications. Anyone who has known someone who required such treatment knows those figures are the sad truth. And in my personal opinion, half a million is way too low of an estimate. Honestly, I don’t know many people who stand much of a chance of receiving enough in donations to cover such a medical need, but Lord willing Timothy Wright will. Sure a miraculous healing would be great, for him and everybody else where he’s staying, but fact is he’s still there and needs the funds now. If you wish to donate, here is the information for making donations.

Rev. Timothy Wright Fund

If you would like to send a donation to help pay for the medical expenses for the Rev. Timothy Wright, here is some more information. The Reverend suffered a serious injury to his spine and does not have health insurance (other than some VA benefits).

Checks in the amount of $500 or more should be made out to The Kessler Institute. In the memo line please write: FOR TIMOTHY WRIGHT.

Checks under $500 should be made out to Timothy Wright.

ALL checks should be mailed to this address:
Timothy Wright Trust
c/o Timothy Wright
3399 Lawson Blvd.
Oceanside, NY 11572

Basically, if he does not get the money, he’ll end up on state medical assistance and that certainly will not pay for good rehabilitative treatment. For most, that results in living the rest of their life in a nursing home.

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July 4, 2008

Our Brother KyleNYC Needs Your Prayers

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I received a message today from the wife of KyleNYC, he often comments here. His wife informed me that he has been in the hospital for over a week, after having a cancerous tumor removed. He specifically requested that WE PRAY FOR HIM.

Given he works in the financial market, he has a related blog that he runs here. And so you see his full name there.

Please keep Kyle Yancy in your prayers.

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