November 16, 2008

Unbelievers Can See Through Rick Warren’s Game Too! (Audio)

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I’ve always found it interesting, how Christians can sometimes fail to recognize a false teacher, yet often unbelievers show they realize when someone is not true to Christian doctrine better than many Christians.

So prior to the elections, one of the many pieces of tripe I watched off my DVR was the Saddleback Forum. Where Rick Warren had a sit down chat with the then 2 leading US Presidential candidates, John Sidney McCain, III and Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Now in ancient Rome “citizens” who were not very poor could vote for Senators, but we have no record in scripture of the Apostles taking it upon themselves, to help any saint decide which Senator to vote for. (When speaking about ancient Rome, some who acknowledge historically saints chose to abstain from political involvement, often act as if nobody could have voted at all if they desired.) Oh, but we’re talking about Rick Warren, so of course scripture and church history mean nothing when this man can make a spotlight for himself. (And I’m not trying to tell anyone not to vote. I voted, although not for any of the Presidential candidates, I voted in other races. I’m just telling the honest truth, that we Christians today have spun a view of politics, that is not in agreement with the posture of many saints before us.) While I’m not against Christians making a choice to vote, I do have an issue with pastors who feel they must (or should) present publicans to the church. The only message the church should play host to is the Word of God, not politicians holding ear tickling sessions. So any pastor who “host” a session for his “church”, to indulge publicans, is to me a pastor that is not focused on the teaching and preaching of the Word of God. But I watched the Saddleback Forum and thought it was junk.

Well, before I had an opportunity to watch the Saddleback Forum, my brother in Christ and reader of this blog Remnant, told me to check out Michael Savage‘s comments about the forum. I waited till after I viewed the Saddleback Forum in full and even till after the election, before I decided to listen to Michael Savage’s comments, which I had archived to listen to. (Yes I still record various talk radio programs from time to time.) Well it was interesting listening to Michael Savage’s comments about the Saddleback Forum. Because although Michael Savage is an unbeliever primarily concerned about immigration issues, his view of the forum, Rick Warren and the candidates was very much on point. It was how I felt, although my primary concern was the matter of this nation’s shedding of innocent blood via abortions and embryonic stem cell research. It was interesting to hear Michael Savage explain, that what Rick Warren puts up as Christianity is not really the gospel and actually an effort to twist and pervert the gospel.

So give Michael Savage’s take a listen.

Michael Savage on the Saddleback Forum, Rick Warren, McCain and Obama, recorded 8/18/2008 – MP3 Audio (Size: 1.38 MB)
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October 2, 2008

Why The Local Church Needs Elders.

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I didn’t say “why the local church (singular) needs an elder (singular)”, but why the local church (singular) needs elders (plural). That’s one church assembly with multiple elders, not one church assembly with just one elder/pastor/bishop/overseer/(these titles are for the same role in scripture about the church). James 5:14-15 does not instruct saints to call on the elder (singular) of their local church, but the elders (plural).

The office of elder in the local church may at times be a tough subject, but I find scripture to be clear when read thoroughly.

Pastor David King of Concord Baptist Church preached a sermon on the topic, that is worth hearing.

The audio is about 50 minutes in length.


Please reserve comments till after listening to the full audio.

October 26, 2007

Jesse Jackson Says Government Housing Should Feature Treadmills, Ellipticals, Skating Rinks and MORE! (Audio)

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Jesse Jackson is in Atlanta running his Poverty Pimp for personal fame game. Below is an article I’ve cited some portions of, that show what Jesse Jackson is jumping about this time and how bogus his latest complaints are.

Jesse Jackson will sleep here to raise awareness

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is scheduled to stay overnight Wednesday at a northwest Atlanta public housing community to help call attention to what critics say is the removal of African-Americans and the poor from the nation’s central cities.

Jackson, head of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, will bed down at Bowen Homes, one of a number remaining public housing communities in Atlanta scheduled for demolition over the next several years.

Bowen is just one of a number of things on Jackson’s to-do list during his stay in Atlanta this week for the Annual Peachtree Street Conference 2007, Thursday through Saturday at the Hyatt Regency downtown.

Organizers of Jackson’s visit hope to make Bowen a poster child for policies and practices by housing authorities in Atlanta and around the country that critics say are displacing the nation’s poorest residents in favor of upscale urban development.

“Ninety-six percent of families living in AHA properties have expressed their desire to leave the properties,” Barney Simms, the AHA’s chief external affairs officer, said in the agency’s defense. “I don’t understand why anyone would want to deny these women and children the opportunities that await them.”

Earlier this year, the AHA announced plans to raze most of its remaining stock of multi-family public housing by 2010 to rid the city of blighted communities too costly to renovate and maintain and to give residents now living in substandard conditions a chance to live better elsewhere.

Now notice that many are ready to get out of blighted developments and move on to something better. Let’s be honest, moving on means the possibility of being in an area with LESS CRIME, so there is a better environment for those who are working to do better for themselves, minus distractions like HIGH CRIME.

Let’s also keep in mind, that if Jesse Jackson were in fact a “reverend” (which I don’t recognize him as) he would be going to saints and churches to solicit assistance to the poor, not the government. He would be asking the MANY PULPIT PIMPS IN ATLANTA why are they driving all manner of luxury vehicles, while people around them are in need? (Let’s not even begin to get into the needs of poor saints elsewhere.) But the fact is, this is all one big game. If there is no concentration of poor people on the government dole, Jesse has a harder time finding ways to keep himself in the news.

But given Jesse Jackson is hoping for the government to do instead of seeking to have churches do, we have to understand that when you want from the government, you’re going to have to deal with the government’s methods. We are talking about government, not the church. Regarding people who receive the most benefit after putting the least in. What common sense does it make for a government to keep people it’s paying to house in places that are hard to maintain and financially detrimental to the city as a whole? NONE! The more money the city has, the better it can provide services to all. We’re not talking about homeless people being denied any assistance from government, this debate is over what is being given. I see government offering housing under a set of guidelines to encourage people to work and remain on a job. Jesse Jackson sees not good enough and that is ALWAYS what he sees. What would be good enough for Jesse Jackson? My good friend Ron_B aka Constructive Feedback, who runs The Cultural Strategist blog captured audio of Jesse Jackson speaking to Atlanta’s Liberal African American Crying Station where racism against Whites is the norm “Black Talk” radio station WAOK-AM. He sent a copy to me because of his disbelief in what Jesse Jackson said. Here are things in the audio that Jesse Jackson would like to see in public housing facilities:

The WAOK-AM host responded “right” to Jesse Jackson complaining about no “treadmills”. Of course Bush was blamed as you would expect.

Many of us are not going to speak against study facilities and job training. But notice the things like home computers, FREE day care, treadmills, elliptical training machines, swimming pools, basketball, skating rinks and computer labs. MANY PEOPLE NOT IN PUBLIC HOUSING DON’T EVEN HAVE MANY OF THESE THINGS! When it comes to using taxpayer dollars, if you’re going to request it be redistributed to the poor, you’d do much better to leave your requests at basic needs and allow the individuals to handle amenities themselves.

Personally, I think some churches could make an opportunity out of offering child care services, because then the church would have most of the day to train up children with the salvation message of the Lord Jesus Christ, teach them good manners for school and how to be good citizens. And lets be honest, many kids from public housing are not models of good discipline in the classroom. Of course the church doing it would require not being locked into a government program, so the message of Christ could be told freely. It would mean that churches would have to spend money on children instead of buildings. But I don’t even think churches would offer things like ellipticals 🙄 . I thought getting a workout would be a lesser concern given 1 Timothy 4:8, but who am I? Many kids in the suburbs spend more time in the books instead of on a basketball court and it seems to work out well for them come test time.

You can hear Jesse Jackson spewing his insanity after his rock star entrance, using the audio link below.

Jesse Jackson on WAOK-AM complaining about public housing – MP3 Audio (Size: 1.15 MB)

September 9, 2007

Why Jesse Lee Peterson is a False Teacher.

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This is a post where I’m having to separate a person’s political viewpoint from their statements regarding spiritual matters. A rarity for me, but with Jesse Lee Peterson, it seems he stands for good morals, good social values and he and I agree on probably most political matters. However, the man’s a false teacher. Because his teaching on matters regarding Christianity is not Christianity at all. So he must be noted as one who stands in opposition to the faith, unless the Lord calls him out of his ignorance and he comes to his senses.

Hubison left the comment to expose Peterson and I would be remiss if I did not make this post to warn other saints about Peterson. Hubison properly warned me and I am now warning the rest of you saints who care to contend for the faith, that while Peterson might make some good political and social points, we should not count him as a leader in the church. He’s not a Christian and he’s a false teacher.

To fully understand why I’m saying these things, listen to the following:

Listen to both parts in full, even the discussion after Peterson has to leave.

Hubison says that our brother in Christ, Pastor John Coleman did that interview with Jesse Lee Peterson 11 years ago.

Those audio files are from John Coleman’s website and listed with the names noted above. I placed copies here, to save Pastor John a little on bandwidth costs, but I highly recommend that you check out his site and his online radio programs.

June 8, 2007

NAACP Going Under, About Time! Nagin Wants William “Freezer Burn” Jefferson’s Seat. (Audio)

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Many of us shed no tear for the NAACP and it’s about time they closed up shop. Sure if they want to have efforts that are actually worthwhile in 2007, like mentoring and tutoring, fine, change the name and do it, but all the Civil Rights Industry posturing is old and tired. La Shawn Barber also says they need to shut the thing down. I had an opportunity to call into the BJ Ellis show yesterday, as BJ was giving his take on this.

You can get the broadcast schedule for his show here.

Check out the audio of my call to BJ using the audio link below. After my call, BJ gets into the matter of Ray Nagin, who has been sticking up for that nut William Jefferson and is considering a run for Jefferson’s congressional seat. Worth a listen.

We also talked a little about Gary Sheffield’s crying. Sheffield needs to play ball and keep his mouth shut, because he uses his arms and legs much better than his mouth. Here’s a funny pic from Sheffield’s past, a jerri curl, 😆 !

BJ Ellis on the NAACP and Ray Nagin – ASF Audio (Size: 1.18 MB)
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