March 3, 2024

TD Jakes, big ol fake!

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Jakes is part of a faith industry that packages and markets spirituality in the form of salable commodities for mass consumption. At first glance, one might be impressed with Jakes’ literary accomplishment, generating so many books in a little more than ten years. But Jakes has not been forthright about the degree to which his books convey original thoughts and how much derives from other “cogs” in the Jakes machine. Like Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and many celebrity preachers before him, Jakes often employs talented researchers and ghostwriters to help produce his books.

For example, Leonard Lovett, a noted Pentecostal intellectual, not only recruited Jakes to write for a publisher of Christian books, but also ghostwrote one of Jakes’ books. According to Lovett:

I ghostwrote the third book, Water in the Wilderness. It took me about a week sitting up in my apartment there to really write the thing and another guy took it, went over my stuff, and we passed it on to the head of Pneuma, and Jakes consented. That’s how we ended up doing two or three of his other books.

Jakes later became savvier by forcing ghostwriters and assistants to sign waivers prohibiting them from discussing their contributions to his books. Accordingly, David Yeazell refused to discuss with me his contributions to one of Jakes’ more recent books in fear of violating the waiver he signed. Such a waiver only serves to prevent staff contributors from going public with the full extent of their contributions to Jakes’ books.

By the same token, Jakes’ procurement of millions in revenue from his books and videos should alert his followers that his motives for being in ministry are mixed with his appetite for affluence.

With over thirty publications and seven yearly conferences, a critical onlooker will notice the redundancy of Jakes’ messages in his many books and sermons. For example, after cornering the [black] female Christian market with his first book, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Jakes has been targeting hurting women for years with more best-selling books, including Daddy Loves His Girls; T.D. Jakes Speaks to Women; The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord; His Lady: Sacred Promises for God’s Woman; and God’s Leading Lady, as well as several accompanying workbooks. Careful scrutiny of this medium will expose streamlined themes and formulaic content that make the books almost indistinguishable.

Since Jakes must perpetuate wealth to keep his entrepreneurial machine going, he has not resisted offering new products with recycled themes from older books and videos. One is left to ponder if by targeting women Jakes is meeting needs or milking a cash cow? This query is especially salient in light of his professed role as a businessman because it is simply good business to target a market that will almost guarantee a great return on an investment.

T.D. Jakes: America’s New Preacher, Shayne Lee (NY Univ Press 2007) See pages 147-149

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