March 3, 2024

John MacArthur, a football jock who didn’t like to read. Now fronted as a scholar author.

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In time he learned the act. In 1963, he got a Masters of Divinity from a low-level seminary. He got his first pastor gig from his dad. By 1969, MacArthur was head pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California.

Then there’s reality. He’d been pushed by the system and scripted by staff. All along, his books were being written by unknown men who, as with Phil Johnson, had only a bachelor’s degree and had never been to seminary.

They were not even scholars, and were deceptively passing off MacArthur as someone he wasn’t.

Is John MacArthur a lifelong plagiarist?

To be honest, I’ve had enough of mega-church leaders pumping out books that they did not actually write, or else deceiving the masses that their books are more successful than what they actually are. Let me say that this is not just Driscoll, others do it too. Its a well known fact that John Macarthur’s books are not written by John Macarthur, but by Philip R. Johnson at GCC.

Do We Need A Code Of Ethics For Mega-Pastors Who Write? (Archive copy)

Hat tip Johnny Cirucci.

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