February 5, 2024

The mess Elon Musk doesn’t want getting much attention.

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Do not trust Elon Musk’s claims about Neuralink. The monkeys know the real results of the unnatural procedures. And, we have zero verifiable information about their supposed first human subject.

The Gruesome Story of How Neuralink’s Monkeys Actually Died

Here are the details on the grisly deaths of Elon Musk’s Neuralink monkeys (Archive copy)

And, those cars named “Tesla”, are not so good for anything.

Tesla has been sued by 25 California counties alleging the automaker has repeatedly mishandled hazardous waste at facilities throughout the state. The lawsuit was filed after months of settlement talks apparently fell apart.

The complaint, filed in San Joaquin County Superior Court, states that Tesla improperly labeled and disposed of materials like “lead acid batteries and other batteries,” paints, brake fluid, aerosols, antifreeze, acetone, diesel fuel and more at its production and service facilities throughout the state. Tesla also allegedly improperly disposed of the waste, both on-site and at landfills that can’t accept hazardous waste.

Tesla sued for allegedly mishandling hazardous waste in California for years (Archive copy)

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