December 10, 2023

I may be wrong, but the way I see it today, a major false flag by the end of May 2024.

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Given the high probability of a major false flag before November’s election. Despite the elections being rigged, they seem to enjoy psyop’ing the public into voting in a way that won’t require as much cheating. The VA loan foreclosures would look bad during an election. And have been paused until the end of May 2024. With that, I suspect a major false flag before June 2024. I’m not saying I know for certain, but things just seem to indicate that would be the perfect cover. To avoid veterans being put out of homes before an election. Alternatively, the can could be kicked down the road past November 2024, and giving vets money could become an election issue. But, we see money is always given to other countries, not usually Americans these days. The only folks on US soil getting new money seem to be “migrants” (illegal aliens). So, a major false flag before June 2024 would setup:

  1. Election paradigm voting patterns.
  2. If health related, new medical protocols, vaccines, masks, etc.
  3. If lockdowns are involved, a move to rollout 6G, which is key to technocracy. (But, I suspect they’ll let the same psyop artist who rolled out 5G do that, Donald John Trump.)
  4. Digital ID
  5. CBDC

VA Pauses Foreclosures on Veterans Facing Difficulties Making Mortgage Payments (Archive copy 1) (Archive copy 2)

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