March 1, 2007

Jewish Born Muslim Apostate Tells of When He Followed Radical Islam. Now He Follows Jesus.

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Daveed Gartenstein-Ross’ parents were nonpracticing Jews, who were followers of the Infinite Way cult. In his college years, Daveed was introduced to and became a follower of the cult of Muhammad, known as Islam. He became a radical Islamists, what Osama bin Laden and others call pure Islam. In time he realized Islam was not the best way to go and praise be to God he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior and is now a Christian. He also became an FBI informant.

Daveed has written a book about his experiences, titled My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Memoir.

Michelle Malkin interviewed Daveed and you really should check out the video over at Hot Air.

One interesting item of the many mentioned by Daveed, is that there are no less than 13 Muslim nations where it is illegal to leave Islam, 8 where it’s punishable by DEATH. (And our government considers some of these nations to be allies in the “war on terror”.) It seems to me that pure Islam is worse than the Mafia. Both are evil, but at least the Mafia does not endorse its self as being holy.

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