January 22, 2007

CNN Finds Obama Not Trained in a Madrassa. Insight Stands By Their Story. Time to Question Obama Directly. (Video)

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So Insight magazine found, that team Hillary discovered Obama was trained in a Madrassa, as mentioned in this previous post. Now CNN has sent a reporter to Indonesia, who claims he found the actual school and they even showed pictures from when Obama was there.

Obama School
A young Barack Hussein Obama at school with girls. That’s certainly not a school teaching “pure Islam”.

CNN did a about as complete an investigation as one could ask for. They went to the school, talked to people there, talked to an old classmate of Obama’s and showed pictures of Obama and his former teaches at the school. Unless Insight comes up with something to show otherwise, I have to say Obama certainly was not at a Muslim Madrassa. This school was founded in 1934 by the Dutch and is in a wealthy part of town there.

But Insight is sticking to their guns.

Insight responds to a Washington Post attack

The liberal media establishment is at it again. For years, they have been carrying water for liberal Democrats. Today?s hit piece on Insight in The Washington Post is another case in point.

Howard Kurtz?s ?Media Notes? column deals with our recent story about the Hillary Clinton camp?s role in investigating Barack Obama?s education as a young boy in an Indonesian Madrassa. Kurtz claims our story is ?thinly sourced? and cites ?only unnamed sources.? He further quotes officials from the Obama and Clinton camps, attacking the story as false.

Insight?s story was not thinly sourced. Our reporter?s sources close to the Clinton opposition research war room confirm the truth of the story. The Clinton camp?s denial has as much credibility as the ?I never had sex with that woman? statement. But Kurtz ran with their statement as if it were credible. Moreover, the accusation that the story is flawed because it is based on unnamed sources is laughable. Most major investigative stories published in this city are based wholly or in part on anonymous sources. Just ask Bob Woodward. Many of The Post?s scoops against the Bush administration rely on anonymous sources.

And here is the larger issue: The New Media?including Insight?is surging forward in readership, influence and clout (that?s why our story was picked up by FOX News and talk radio). We provide hard-hitting, well-sourced and aggressive reporting?just as serious and fearless journalists of old used to do. How alone are we, in today?s media conglomerate world? The Washington Post should ask itself, does it wish to have serious journalists aggressively following up on our ground-breaking story or does it wish to carry water and curry favor for ambitious and aggressive politicians, and attack its competition rather than report?

Prior to our story being published, we contacted the Obama camp for comment. They had none?and were petrified about the story. Only when FOX and several national radio talk show hosts jumped on the story, did they issue their denials. We stung the Obama people by doing what journalists should do: follow the truth, no matter where it leads. Insight reports on political intelligence without partisanship. We have run countless stories embarrassing and damaging to President Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. We have few friends in the White House?and that?s exactly the way we like it.

Finally, let?s examine Kurtz?s claim that he tried to phone and e-mail the editors, but received no response. First, he called on a Sunday when there is nobody in the Insight office and did not leave a phone message, so no one can verify whether he really called or not. We learned on Monday that he did send an e-mail on Sunday afternoon, the day before his story went to print. This was not a genuine effort to get a real comment from us. He was simply covering himself before publishing his hit piece. This is precisely the kind of irresponsible journalistic practices that we teach our interns not to do.

This may not be a debunked and politically dead story after all. We’ll have to see if Insight can offer more to support their side of the story.

There are still some outstanding issues. Because Obama still may have once been a Muslim. We know his very name has Muslim origins. We know his father was a Muslim. Nothing has been done to refute claims in the Insight story that Obama’s mother owned a Koran/Quran/Qu’ran. (Or whatever that book that talks about killing or subjugating Christians and Jews is called.) Obama when asked if he has read the Koran responded by saying:

I can?t say that I have read all of it.

So he’s read some of it for some purpose. And I doubt he picked it up after 9/11, to try and understand the enemy. I also doubt he picked it up like Thomas Jefferson did, as part of some world legal studies. This has reached a point where it would be appropriate for Obama to be questioned directly and answer what exactly his past links to Islam are. The American people need to know if someone trying to lead our nation might have links to a cult. Most Americans don’t practice Islam and most Americans don’t like Islam, period!

And even aside from this matter of Obama’s links to Islam, he’s still adored by groups that offer cover for Islamists. He’s still an advocate for child murder, gay adoption, porn and thugs! And he’s already been exposed as a Liberal who rejects sound Christian doctrine. So even if he never took up Islam, he’s still got more issues with his views, that make him a terrible choice to lead America.

And I would like CNN to investigate the claims of Obama’s grandfather having owned slaves. If true, will Liberals force Obama to offer an apology for his ancestor’s role in enslaving people? Will he be pressured to pay slave reparations for his grandfather’s actions, although he never owned a slave himself? Will he be held to the same moral standard by Liberals when it comes to blaming ancestors for slavery that is applied to others in America, namely Whites?

Or will the “rock star” express roll on?

Below I have a low-res copy of the CNN report. And Hot Air has more, along with a report that aired after the initial CNN report.

See the CNN report that tells the story of Obama’s school time in Indonesia using the link below.
CNN finds Obama’s mostly Muslim school in Indonesia – WMV Video (Size: 4.47 MB)
(If linking, please link to this post, not the media file. For the sake of bandwidth there will be no other formats made.)

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