August 11, 2006

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s New US PR Man, Mike Wallace (Audio)

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Sometimes evil people advance their efforts on the labor of stupid people with good intentions. This is the case with news man Mike Wallace and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

M Wallace Hypo Iran
It’s as if Ahmadinejad hypnotized Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace went to speak with the enemy of himself (he’s Jewish) and Israel. Ahmadinejad played the intellectual role with Wallace and Mike Wallace being the Liberal idiot that he is, fell for the bait hook, line and sinker. Now Wallace is basically playing the role of Ahmadinejad’s US PR man. Yesterday Sean Hannity spoke with Mike Wallace about the interview and Mike’s thoughts about it all. The interview is just jaw dropping. It was like Hannity ended up having to try and play the role of a mental therapist, trying to deprogram a man led to believe that bad is really not that bad. Mike Wallace actually believed that Ahmadinejad is just upset about Israel being established in it’s current location in 1948 and getting US support. This is the continuation of the BIG LIE, that the sand dune inhabited by nomads of various faiths was a “Muslim land” of tranquility before 1948. As if Muslims have not been persecuting Jews, Christians, women and making slaves since the inception of that cult and as if Jews don’t have thousands of years of connection with the land that is now Israel. But Mike Wallace is running around telling the lies of Ahmadinejad as if he’s a man who does not really want to destroy Israel. It was sickening and stunning all at the same time, to hear an American journalist be the mouthpiece for a mad man. A mad man who has already made his intentions clear, is seeking nuclear weapons and even the 9/11 Report identified as a major sponsor of the terrorism the entire world is fighting against.

Below I have the audio of Hannity’s full interview. Mike Wallace is hoping it will make everyone watch his interview with the mad man on Sunday. On CBS News program 60 Minutes. Just hearing Wallace play the role of an idiot for that nut, I have no interest in seeing the interview. Ahmadinejad has been one of the major sponsors of terrorist groups killing innocent people all over the world. And he wants us to think it’s because of the little area of land Muslims have spun a lie about? No thanks!

I also have below audio from Dr. Michael Savage’s opinion on Mike Wallace and this war against Radical Islam/Islamofascists/whatever you want to call the cult. It’s good Bush was finally able to better identify the enemy after the recent terrorist plot was foiled. And whether or not that plot was foiled my view of what to do has not changed. I am of the same opinion I had even before Israel’s latest efforts against Iranian backed Hezbollah. We need to expand the fight and especially consider Iran. I have no problem with the use of nukes against them, Savage wants just conventional weapons to be used. But this fight against the enemy must expand. We can’t continue simply playing “whack a mole” with stopping various terrorist plots. Like the roaches they are, we need to go to the source and take them out, instead of continually waiting to stomp those that we see closest to us. Because we won’t catch every one. has more details about yesterday’s foiled terrorist plots. Conservative Culture has details about some very suspicious arrests made here in the USA, that not many people are talking about. NewsBusters caught NBC playing the “why didn’t they tell the public sooner” game about the plots in the UK. As if telling the public sooner would not have had any negative impact on putting an end to the plot and capturing as many suspects as possible. This is why the government must keep things secret.

Hear Hannity and Mike Wallace using the audio links below:
Hannity with Mike Wallace talking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Part 1 – ASF Audio

Hannity with Mike Wallace talking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Part 2 – ASF Audio

Hannity with Mike Wallace talking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Part 3 – ASF Audio
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Hear Dr. Savage’s take using the audio link below.
Michael Savage on Mike Wallace’s interview of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the war against Islamic radicals – ASF Audio
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Gateway Pundit has more about Mike Wallace’s interview.

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