August 10, 2006

If You Lie Down with Dogs… Snoop Dogg’s Abuse of Women Finally Exposed!

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I have seen trash rapper Snoop Dogg and his mentor Don “Magic” Juan abusing women for some time and I’m glad more noise is finally being made about it. Below is a pic of Snoop Dogg, Don “Magic” Juan and trashy dressed women on leashes.

Snoop and Don
Everyone in the picture above is an idiot!

Snoop has claimed to be a Christian and Don claims to be a pimp turned Christian minister. Don even claims the title of “bishop”, while he surrounds himself with gold, women and libation. These 2 are so disrespectful to the faith, that I would not stand near them for fear of a lightening strike from heaven!

Have you ever noticed how the men always are fully clothed, while it is the women that allow themselves to be made to look like total sluts? And I need to take a moment to say, that I’m sick and tired of going to respectable establishments like a nice restaurant and if it’s near a mostly Black Urban community, seeing a woman walking in looking as if she just stepped off stage from dancing on a stripper pole! And the women dressed like that always happen to be Black. This garbage is all culturally connected. And while parents allow their children to take in the trash on networks like MTV and BET, they run to the polls on election day to vote for a Liberal, that they hope can help improve their lot in life 🙄 .

Well Snoop’s babes and leashes display has finally been called out, after being featured in a cartoon on MTV2.

MTV2 May Nix Cartoon Featuring Snoop Dogg, Women on Leashes

NEW YORK ? The MTV2 network said it had not decided whether it will ever again air a cartoon criticized as offensive for depicting women being led around on leashes.

It’s also not certain whether the series, “Where My Dogs At?” will come back for a second season, spokesman Jeff Castaneda said Wednesday. Its first season ended during the last week of July.

One episode, aired in the early afternoon, featured an appearance by a cartoon Snoop Dogg accompanied by two women in neck collars and chains. MTV2 said the episode was a satire of an actual Snoop appearance where women were in collars and chains.

Watchdog group Industry Ears called the network on the carpet. I agree with their stance on this, although I can’t say I’m a full supporter of this group. Given they really got their start as an organization trying to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine”. There’s nothing wrong with expressing displeasure about a broadcast, but trying to force government to make media outlets air your views is wrong. If you want your views on a network, start your own station. I’m all for keeping trashy material off public airwaves and the FCC should step up enforcement on that, but don’t go trying to impress your politics on markets that have proven by their ratings that they don’t want to hear your political opinion.

Networks like MTV and BET are private cable subscription networks. So I don’t personally feel that the government should have any role in regulating them that it does not have over anything else that is private. With the exception of ensuring customers have an easy way to keep out broadcasts they don’t want. Anyone that wants Christian programming should not be forced to have signals with trash entering their home. Parents that want children’s programming should not be forced to have signals with adult material entering their homes. Of course if government had already better deregulated cable TV companies this might be less of an issue. Because then market competition would ensure various options were already available. So I guess my support of things like “a la carte” programming is only because cable TV was never well deregulated.

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