March 28, 2006

My Government Has Failed Me and My Fellow Americans

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I’m just ticked. I need to keep my words brief or I’m likely to say something not suitable to come from the mind of a Christian.

Our US Senate has removed everything with any teeth from legislation to stop illegal immigration. Which will allow the practice to continue and only grow. It’s a terrible move for our nation. My Congressman John Linder is on my side and supported HR 4437 in its original form. Where illegals would be treated as the breakers of the law that they are and real efforts would be made to protect our borders. But my Senators are just awful weak kneed…..(I can’t say what they are, this is a Christian blog). I’ve detailed how GA Senator Saxby Chambliss is in on this scam. And GA Senator Johnny Isakson is the biggest Bush “yes man” in DC. I can’t count on my Senators. I can only hope that voters someday replace them with real Conservatives. I try to vote against them in primaries, given their challengers in the general elections are even weaker than they are. Democrats and Libertarians that both take an even softer stance on illegal immigration. I guess I should call it reason #10,020 why I’m happy to be an Independent. I try to use GA’s open primaries to get rid of the weak, but they still end up on the final ballot every November.

The Texas Songbird alerted me to the fact that Mexico is cheering America’s weak kneed Senators.

Mexico cheers passage of immigration bill in Senate committee, credits migrant marches

MEXICO CITY ? Mexicans cheered the proposal approved Monday by the Senate Judiciary Committee to legalize undocumented migrants and provide temporary work visas, and credited huge marches of migrants across the United States as the decisive factor behind the vote.

Mexican President Vicente Fox said the vote was the result of five years of work dating to the start of his presidential term in 2000, and puts Mexico one step closer toward the government’s goal of “legalization for everyone” who works in the United States.

Honestly I don’t blame Mexico for their position on this matter. It works for Mexico. The loyal agents of Mexico would be allowed to stay in this country and work on behalf of the Mexican government.

And now the Mexican students here in Georgia are running to have prayer meetings, requesting that God side with their illegal activity. You can see the video report here. (Text report with less details.) And Georgia’s Governor Sonny Purdue is not saying that he will support the bill passed by our State Legislature, that would help crack down on illegal immigrants having benefits that were made for legal citizens. He is up for re-election and the Latinos that can vote (and support illegal immigration) are making claims that they will all vote against him if he signs the bill into law. They want him to veto the bill. Of course if Purdue vetoes the bill he’s going to have a larger voting bloc than the Latinos against him.

If you are against rewarding illegals, you should not be reading this post. You should be telling your representatives, if you have not already done so.

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