March 28, 2006

Abdul Rahman Has Vanished

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Well I think he’s just in hiding, as he is transported to another country. Michelle Malkin has been all over this and has the latest details. Michelle is concerned that Mr. Rahman’s family was there when he was released. I don’t think this is going to create any issues. I think we will see Mr. Rahman soon praising the Lord in another country. Just as I’ve mentioned in the previous post.

This is not the first time a Muslim country has rushed a Christian convert out of their country. But this still implies that no Muslim is allowed to convert and remain a citizen of Muslim nations like Afghanistan. And so there is still a major problem that needs to be address. But with Mr. Rahman leaving, the issue of Christian converts being attacked will probably go ignored. The pressure that saved Abdul Rahman’s life must continue for the lives of others who wish to avoid being killed.

Our troops should not be used as defenders of Muslims who wish to kill Christian converts.

Until Islamic nations are able to allow free conversions I will see them as nothing more than a gang of thugs that should be dealt with as such.

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  1. A Blog For All Says:

    The Vanishing Act

    Abdul Rahman, the Christian convert from Afghanistan who was on trial for his life and was released after worldwide attention and pressure, was released overnight and has vanished from sight.

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