December 6, 2023

They’re following the script we knew they would.

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June 2023:

Keep in mind, that term “legal” is given a LOT of wiggle room.

US military offers legal migrants path to citizenship amid recruiting shortfall (Archive copy)

And the next step!

December 2023:

Sen. Durbin: We Should Allow Illegal Immigrants To Earn Citizenship By Joining Armed Forces (Archive copy)

They’re not young fighting aged men for nothing. And, don’t expect them all to be placed “over seas”.

December 5, 2023

Israeli War Propaganda, 2023 Style.

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Israel Made Me an Offer! $$$

December 3, 2023

How We Know There is No Massive Network of Hamas Tunnels.

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Remember the USS Liberty!

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Pentagon: US warship, multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea (Archive copy)

November 29, 2023

Weather Warfare, and Mystery Plane Movement. The Planes Don’t Always Go Where They Say. And are Not Always Doing What They Say Either.

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Weather Warfare? SITREP 11.29.23

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