January 4, 2006


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Darnell Independent Conservative is a web blog run by life long Independent Darnell McGavock.

Although I never really wanted to buy into political stereotypes like Liberal and Conservative, it is clear beyond all doubt that my views are Conservative for today’s world. Hence the name Independent Conservative. The slogan “Saying What Needs To Be Said” is used, because I feel my blog like many others was established to fill a void. The void I saw was that the word “Conservative” was being married to the “Republican” party. I have never been a member of any political party. In college I never had a desire to join a fraternity. Maybe it comes from being an only child, but the persistent desire some have to “join a group” really eludes me. I do join some groups and efforts at times, but never desired to have any life long brands other than to be known as a Christian. So with this blog I offer my personal view of matters that I deem worthy of a post. Unfortunately I can never blog about everything I wish to speak about. There are even some important things that I never have an opportunity to speak on here. So I only capture some topics here and hope that other blogs attempting to fill voids can take care of the rest.

I live with my wife and 2 children in the state of Georgia in the USA. I’ve been “born again” since my early childhood years, because I was blessed to have been introduced to the church at an early age. I hold a BS and MS in the field of Computer Science, so of course I enjoy the world of computing.

Some of my friends claim that I was once “not as Conservative” as I am today. There are several factors that resulted in me being who I am today, versus the days when I was socially Conservative and fiscally Liberal, but even than an Independent. I’ve always been against things like abortion, but probably was not as vocal. As I learned more about how business works via running my own business and more about my faith, I realized that it is not wise or even Christian to force money from the hands of non-Christians (or anyone for that matter) in the name of “charity”. Running a business taught me that our method of taxation and the use of the funds is often counterproductive to fostering business growth. I was not always a proponent of guns as I am today, until I realized that Good People With Guns is a good thing. I was more a proponent of race bait before deciding that I am an American. As you can see, I need to refer to posts I’ve made to help explain who I am, because it has been a life long process. It is one of the reasons I wanted to start posting on this blog before saying who I am with an “About” page.

I am the founder and former owner of A web site I created, because years ago I wanted a listing of stations that I and some of my friends liked. (Can’t say my taste in radio is the same now.) It turned out plenty of people around the world liked it and I had to turn it from a personal home page into a business, because of the cost of handling traffic. I no longer have any involvement with that site, but the current owner does keep the site in the basic form that I sold it to him in. As you can see, my name is on every single page of that site. (Pretty narcissistic, I know πŸ™‚ .) So with this blog I wanted to start without having my name everywhere. And started it without my name anywhere. I had to get some of my ideas out first and deal with the personal matters later.

I am also the founder and current owner of What can I say, the stuff taste great. Although you’ve got to be careful with it πŸ™‚ . With that site I simply wanted to preserve part of my family’s culture and that of others with a similar taste in food, while sharing at the same time. And yea I’m a capitalist, so I also knew it would do OK as a business.

I also own, have run or been involved with several other web sites, such as Super Wave Oven Recipes and others, but if it’s not already obvious I’ve got a long career in IT. So I’m not going to detail everything. I just wanted to point out a few things. Because I’ve had the most direct involvement with those sites and invested a good amount of time in them over the years. Back when I sold, I wanted to move into something that better expressed who I am now. And given I saw that void which need to be filled was born.

update 6/19/2006:
Now happily living in Tennessee.

update 11/19/2007: Make that 3 kids in a different part of Tennessee πŸ˜‰ .

update 9/04/2016: I had to endure a very unbiblical divorce last year. I thank God for helping me to persevere and continue being a Christian father to our 3 boys.

update 11/11/2018: Installed as a Deacon at my local Church. Praise God and pray I do well in His service.

update June 2020: Back in Georgia.

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