February 11, 2021

Today in Cancel Culture…

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So many things, Conservatives are being removed from big tech social media in mass. Makes me glad I never got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for this blog. But here’s what has been happening of the most notable today. Keep in mind this is just a few, very many others are facing the same.

Life Site News has been canceled by YouTube. Regardless of any theological differences between we Protestants and Roman Catholics. Life Site News has always been solid for defending the unborn and a reliable resource for all people. Read their article: It’s clear: YouTube and Big Tech hate not only LifeSiteNews. They hate you

Long time vaccine safety advocate Robert Kenney Jr. has been canceled by Instagram. The Epoch Times has a good article about this. Some may have concerns The Epoch Times has strong ties to practitioners of Falun Gong, which is not Christian. While I am in no way endorsing Falun Gong. Consider solid news reporting can come from various sources. The Epoch Times has done a great job reporting persecution of all people in China, Christians included.

Twitter has suspended Project Veritas. Not totally canceled there yet, but may be. They offer a good video commentary.

You can find James over on Gab.

Remember in all this, the Lord reigns and His Word must be fulfilled to full completion. Count it joy when you are persecuted for His Name’s sake! That’s not to say Conservative = Christian. Certainly not. But just for you to know if you follow Christ in the truth of His Word any persecution has a great gain in the end.

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