December 28, 2008

Dominonism, Just Take For Yourself And Claim You’re Doing God A Favor.

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When debating promoters of the false health and wealth doctrine, some of us Christians often ask them, why didn’t the Apostles “name and claim” the famine in their time away? Well the Apostles did not, because the prosperity doctrine is a farce. Apostles told saints who were poor to be good slaves without desire for earthly riches, not that they had earthly riches coming, 1 Timothy 6. And with the false prosperity doctrine, often comes the false doctrine of dominionism. Just claiming you and those of your viewpoint will just take over everything because you feel God wants you to have it. And again, the question must be asked by true Christians, why didn’t the Apostles just take over places they went? Instead they went places and were greatly abused, while not crying over abuse from the world, they rather took issue with saints allowing abuse from people who claim to be within the church. See how Paul speaks of his being abused by the world, yet disliking seeing saints in Corinth allow false apostles to abuse them in 2 Corinthians 11. The church is to be about keeping THE CHURCH clean, not asserting rule over the world, it is God who will judge and take rule over the world, 1 Corinthians 5:13. But there are some who desire to take over NOW, they claim it’s for the Lord, but in reality it is for their own bellies.

dominionism t shirt frontdominionism t shirt back
Dominonism announcement on a T-Shirt, Eddie Long style.

Above is a T-shirt I used to wear with pride. The deluded pride that comes when falling for false doctrines. I only thank God through Jesus Christ for having learned the error of my ways. The T-shirt was given to me during a public service effort while at the place known as New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, aka Club New Birth. Headed by false teacher and prosperity doctrine proponent Eddie Lee Long. We were doing a form of public patrolling of South Dekalb Mall (a mall in GA) during the event once known as “Freaknik”. It was done during the early daylight hours of that day. Basically, we were trying to keep things at the mall calm enough for regular folks and the elderly to do their shopping without interruption and raunchy activity going on. Trying to maintain calm for good people to avoid having to see lewd acts in their sight is not a problem, but look at the words on the shirt. It is the shirt all who participated in the effort were given to wear that day. You can click the smaller front and back pictures of the shirt above, to see larger more readable versions of the shirt. The front mentions “Nation of Jesus”, with a cross, the group’s name and the senior pastor’s name. Although he never earned a doctorate, the letters after his name might mislead some to feel he earned one. He’s only ever had honorary doctorate degrees. The use of the term “Nation of Jesus” was basically a flip of the “Nation of Islam” (NOI) name used by that particular cult. And the patrolling was a form of copy of what the NOI does in some areas. So the effort was actually patterned off something done by a group of pagans, although keeping an area calm for elderly people to do their AM shopping is not an evil act at all.

The back of the shirt really tells the true misguided goal, “Taking Over” and the quote is attributed to “Eddie L. Long”. It was really a move to assert the group’s “dominion”, that’s where the evil lies. Because not only does Eddie Long promote the false money doctrine, he’s also a promoter of dominionism. Please also see the post on the blog I’m Speaking Truth titled: Pimps – The Gathering. Notice the “Taking Authority” title. This is also the name of Eddie Long’s TV broadcast. And for Eddie Long, we who have spent years at Club New Birth KNOW it’s about more than Ephesians 6:12 for Mr. Long. Eddie Long really wants to keep his name in the public eye and a fixture in the WORLD, which is why he does things like hosting an Obama inauguration celebration. What Eddie is pushing for is very much what the woman in the video below wants. Taking a place “in the world”.


The issue is, that these people are focused on their own gain and what they can claim, while trying to slap the Lord’s name on the front of it. As the Lord Jesus has warned.

Matthew 13:22 (New American Standard Bible)

22 “And the one on whom seed was sown among the thorns, this is the man who hears the word, and the worry of the world and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.

They are not truly focused on sharing the saving message of the Lord Jesus and suffering for it. People claiming to be Christians, are falsely trying to claim the world for themselves, claiming they will take over even before the Lord’s return. Some of them might even feel God approves, but the doctrine of dominonism is a false gospel, please avoid it. And also remember John 18:36.

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  1. stan Says:

    And again, the question must be asked by true Christians, why didn’t the Apostles just take over places they went? Instead they went places and were greatly abused, while not crying over abuse from the world, they rather took issue with saints allowing abuse from people who claim to be within the church.

    That is how you know that such doctrines as dominionism are not for the church in this age – Neither Jesus or His apostles practiced or endorsed the takeover of societies at this time.

    Thanks for pointing out this crucial interpretative principle:existence of precedent.

    Interpreting statements in Scripture a certain way without the existence of corresponding examples, shows that you have exegeted it improperly, no matter how impassioned the presentation. What sells bad doctrines to the unsuspecting/deceived crowds are dramatic supporting “testimonies.” They are accepted at face value by the hearers, who are taught by pastoral modeling to ignore the protective command in 1 Thess. 5:21. “examine everything carefully (then) hold fast to that which is good. (my parentheses).

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well we don’t have examples of the Apostles going out of their way to be ‘in’ with politicians of their time. The only time Apostles spoke with publicans was when the publicans brought an Apostle up on charges for their preaching the Gospel. And given they were the ones who walked with Jesus, if dominonism had any merit, they certainly would have ruled nations.

    But you’re correct Stan, there is a hacking and twisting of scripture being done today, to satisfy the desires of men.

  3. speakingtruth Says:

    Excellent post, brother. Like you, when I was a regular member of Club New Birth, I spouted all of Eddie’s heresy’s myself (“we’re not here to take sides, we’re here to take over!” and “we will take over every aspect of government – if anyone is running for any national office, they have to come to New Birth first!”). I remember even walking around the Georgia State Capital 7 times – then “shouting” on the 7th time so that the walls of government would come down 🙄

    And just to make sure that I remained an obedient drone to false bishop Eddie Lee Long, I made sure I bought all of the required reading books – including his heretical mess demanding that we overthrow government.

    Thank God through Jesus Christ that He allowed the cloud of delusion to be lifted for a moment – long enough to flee Pimp Eddie and his “son” Andre Landers.

    Many who are reading this article bought Eddie’s garbage books and embraced this heretical teaching – I pray that they repent as well and return to God the Father

  4. stan Says:

    Yes, as you say, concerning politicians. The only time the disciples dealt with them was to share the gospel as with Sergius Paulus of Cyprus, who called the apostles to hear the word of God. The apostles did not call on him to enact some favorable civil policy on behalf of the local righteous. Or to King Agrippa, whom Paul would have had no dealings if it were not for his protective imprisonment. Jesus only met with Pilate at His trial, not before to get favorable treatment for the Jews from Rome. Nor did Jesus send His disciples out on their Matthew 10 missions to incite a grass-roots movement to get Rome overthrown so as to “bring in the righteous” to power.

    When the Holy Spirit sent forth Barnabas and Paul it was not on a Dominion campaign.

    Neither Jesus nor the apostles advocated a church-wide policy to overtake local governments and society.

    Dominionism is such a garbage delusion. It feeds the pride of life in the Eddie Longs and Dutch Sheetes and Cindy Jacobs, et al. of this modern world.

  5. IndependentConservative Says:

    I remember even walking around the Georgia State Capital 7 times – then “shouting” on the 7th time so that the walls of government would come down 🙄

    Shamefully I admit I also participated in one of Long’s calls to walk around the GA State Capitol building 7 times. “Claiming” dominion over the government of man for ourselves. Gladly I praise God through Jesus Christ that I’m no longer caught up into that ungodly mess.

  6. stan Says:

    To be a political/social/economic/media/entertainment/education influence, you need MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: You know, – the cash – the dough – the jack – the cabbage – the scratch – the wad – the bones – the plinkers – the chinkers – the iron men – the blunt – the plaster – the (well, you get the idea). Hence, the prosperity doctrine; the Great Transfer of Wealth decrees of the Extreme Prophets of the Third Wave!

    Yes, they’re right about that: We would need effective control over all the world’s resources to take it over. Good ol’ Eddie Long will lead the Charge with that Sword he rests upon. That look of grim determination with which he scowls down his enemies in that photo you posted has got to be enough right there to send Goliath back to Gath whimpering like a dog. Ooh, what fun it would be to follow such a valiant warrior of the Lord as muscle-bound Bishop Eddie >Long! (catch me, I’m swooning).

    Does he represent Jesus? What’s the Word say?

    “Then the master of the house, being angry, said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the lame and the blind.” There’s your true army, Eddie, if you care to read and repent. Drop the scowl, drop the sword, drop to your knees. The Lord will draw near to you if you do.

    It is abundantly clear that the distribution of temporal benefits and privileges to believers by God today is not even at all. Most believers (from all time) are poor, persecuted, and denied luxuries, as befits the days of sanctification. Yet, some of us are well-off and/or privileged, no denying. Overall, though, no. It is as Paul says in 1 Cor 1 For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. James encourages the poor brethren that he is rich in faith and that the rich ones are to glory in their humility as they and their riches fade away like a summer flower.

    As to our station here: from Peter, Moses, John, to name a few, we get these statements: We are strangers and aliens in the earth, fleeing this corrupt generation. We are as Abraham who lived in Canaan without owning a square foot of it. John in 3 John 5-8 even praises those who went out for the Name without taking anything from the Gentiles. And that we should help such ministers in a Godly way. Should Eddie and his ilk be included in John’s praise or support policy? Is Eddie fleeing this corrupt generation? Should he take possession of Canaan contrary to Abraham, who would not even keep a dime from the King of Sodom’s spoil that he, Abraham won back for him?

    Dominionists make the mistake of taking the promises that belong to the days of glorification that will come in the resurrection and they arrogantly apply to themselves in these days of sanctification. Yes, these days are much different and much more humble than we care to like or admit. In them, we are under discipline as it suits the Lord for the sake of our souls and eternal reward. We are as David, who was humbled for years, hiding in the caves, until his time came to take the throne.

    Abraham is waiting for another City – another Time. So should we. We’ll take over the world at the right time, and it’s not now, not before the Lord’s personal, physical return. The Great Transfer of Wealth will take place then. It will be as the other transfers of wealth in the Bible, the spoils of a great war; Armageddon, at the very end of this age. The kingdoms, the nations, the societies, the economics, the media, the entertainment, the education system will be ours then. Until then, let us be occupied with our callings and fulfill them, so as to be rewarded by Jesus at His appearance. Then, and only then, will the crowns be ours.

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    Good words Stan.

    ST sure did find an interesting pick there with Eddie on his sword, scowl and all. Certainly not a look of humility.

  8. stan Says:

    Thanks, IC. I forgot that ST had posted that laughable pic of Eddie Long with the sword.

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