August 7, 2008

The Lord Has Willed That This Blog’s YouTube Account Remain Online!

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If you have not already read them, please start with these posts before reading further:

As I mentioned before, I sent a counter notification to YouTube seeking to have the account restored, unless Team Hagee opted to take me to Federal District Court. In which case they would need to succeed in persuading the court to slap an injunction against me personally. Here is a copy of the notice I sent YouTube, which they forwarded to Team Hagee. In that mailing, I also included documentation about Fair Use. Of course doing that carried a certain degree of risk. Given Team Hagee now has all my personal information. They could have attempted to run me into court and as you can see, my letter permitted such if they desired to take that route. Although I’m confident he’d lose the case. The letter mistakenly says 29 seconds instead of 32 seconds, since I didn’t have a copy of the video on hand when I wrote the letter, I was off a few seconds in my recollection of the video’s length. (My personal copy that I found later is just 31 seconds, but I guess YouTube conversion extended it by one second.)

So since it’s back online, here’s the video all the haggling was over, if you have not already seen it.

Who is the Sower Jesus spoke of?

The full post about the contents of the video is here: John Hagee Fails to Know the Sower For the Sake of Prosperity. (Video).

So having YouTube as a means to continue exposing false doctrines continues, glory to God through Jesus Christ. And I’ve already got something in mind, that Lord willing I will be putting up in the not so distant future. And of course I’ll keep using other video resources outside of YouTube as well.

8 Responses to “The Lord Has Willed That This Blog’s YouTube Account Remain Online!”

  1. GaryV Says:

    My lousy internet connection keeps me from seeing the video in question unfortunately. But God bless you for standing up to this dude.

    IF he is a minister of the Word, and IF he thinks he’s preaching accurately,then WHY would he try to get videos of him PREACHING the Word taken DOWN??

    We’re supposed to SPREAD the Word, right?? Not have it deleted from the largest potential audience he’ll ever have through the internet.

    No,he KNOWS he’s preaching garbage or he wouldn’t seek to have it taken down.

  2. DragonLady Says:

    You’re right. Jesus was not talking about money in that parable. He was talking about Christians, which is evident when you read the entire passage (which I know you have).

  3. Lennie Says:

    Congrats for standing your ground. I had forgotten that you were taken down. satan is something, isn’t he? he just never stops. The fact that you were temporarily taken down shows how effective you are. Otherwise, you would not have been targeted.

  4. truthintheselastdays Says:

    Congrats – Pimps 0, Truth 1!

  5. truthis Says:

    Dude, you went legal on ’em and everything. Freedom of speech-press…People forget “this land was made for you and me”.

  6. speakingtruth Says:

    Good work brother – these vipers aren’t used to be pushed back when they push in the first place…and they don’t like it.

    May the Lord continue to strengthen you in your work!

  7. stan Says:

    I’m glad to hear this, IC. Keep fighting the good fight.

  8. godlysoldier Says:

    The truth will always prevail…glory to God for your victory!

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