April 2, 2008

James Cone, Creator of Black Liberation Theology, Says Whites Salvation Comes via Giving Blacks Money.

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Our brother Job found videos of James Cone explaining his contrived theology in his own words. There are 2 videos to review.  Viewing both gives full details of what I’ll be covering in this particular post.

A Conversation with James Cone

This is how deluded you become if you put your skin tone above sound doctrine.

This is the 2nd video, Strange Fruit: The Cross and the Lynching Tree (October 2006).  It is 90 minutes long, but if you want to understand what this heresy called “Black Liberation Theology” is all about from the creator’s mouth you should view both videos.

James Cone is the man people like Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. took direction from regarding his manner of preaching and just see the 2nd video in this post and notice how many times Wright says the name “James Cone”.

But regarding the videos above. I noticed some interesting things when viewing the first YouTube video that is above:

From Harvard video:

Cone’s is a false theology rooted in his own personal philosophy. If all of the above did not help you understand what is wrong with James Cone, Lord willing, 1 Corinthians 2 will help you better understand.

See this interview where James Cone even declares Christ denier and Muslim Malcolm X to be a 20th Century saint. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit to get to Cone’s portion of that show transcript.) More proof he does not see Christ as Lord and savior, but rather sees his favored works as salvation.

In a book written to try and have homosexuals accepted as something other than sinners in need of repentance in the ?African American Church? (book titled A Whosoever Church: Welcoming Lesbians and Gay Men Into African American Congregations), the writers interviewed Cone. Just see what he said at the bottom of page 209 in the book. He again mentions he does not take scripture literally and blames attitudes against the abomination of homosexuality on White people. And if you look at the back cover of the book, look who applauds the book, Jeremiah Wright!

What you’ve seen is the true core doctrine of the heresy, that was passed from from James Cone, to people like Jeremiah Wright, right down to Wright’s student Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and Trinity United Church of Christ’s new head pastor Otis Moss, III. If you listen to Obama’s speeches now after reviewing everything here, I think you’ll be able to identify Obama speaking the same heresy. It is very apparent when you are aware of how this false “Black Liberation Theology” doctrine works.

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2 Responses to “James Cone, Creator of Black Liberation Theology, Says Whites Salvation Comes via Giving Blacks Money.”

  1. 2thehilt Says:

    IC, just to piggyback on your observation on the following point” “He sees a White majority as “White supremacy”. ”

    White supremacy has nothing to do with whites making “all the rules by which this country is governed”.

    It (white supremacy) is a demonic state of mind, which governs the way that some whites view and treat non-whites. It has nothing to do with the number of people who are making the rules. If the majority of the lawmakers were black, would it still be White Supremacy?

  2. truthintheselastdays Says:

    Lemme tell you a little story. Due to “above average academic ability and potential” [not that I have any..] I went into a program called the Black Leadership Programme, run by a lady called Yolande Beckles. This woman was [and presumable still is…] steeped in this theology, of course I didn’t know it then. All she could talk about what the freedom of the Black nation, and I was sat there, thinking, “What is she on?”. I’ve lived in England, all my life, and I’d never felt inferior to any White English person. This theology is nothing more, nothingless than a Black guy who values his melanine to his “faith”, if he ever had one

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