November 21, 2007

Is Pulpit Pimp Investigator US Senator Charles “Chuck” Grassley a Mitt Romney Fan?

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I’ll open this post by saying for those who don’t know, this blog is 100% ANTI-MITT ROMNEY. This blog is also 100% ANTI-PULPIT PIMPS.

So I’m having an interesting dilemma here. Because it seems that while I’ve been cautiously supportive of Senator Charles Grassley investigating pulpit pimps, he might be a Mitt Romney fan. All roads seem to indicate that he’s shown supportive signals for Romney, while avoiding any formal endorsement of any 2008 Presidential candidate.

Are these events coincidental? I’m not thinking they are. I fully respect Senator Grassley’s position as a member of our government, but this man who claims to be Baptist blowing favorable wind to flip-flopping Mormon Mitt Romney is not sitting well with me. It also makes one consider Grassley’s call to investigate the pimps. While the pimp vipers get no support from me, perhaps their being investigated might be a means to keep them from possibly tossing any weight behind any anti-Romney efforts? Given these investigations, they’ll probably all be low key on election matters. Just a speculative thought. I know the pimps have doctrine that reeks the aroma of what Mormons teach, but I can’t say all of them would have swung in Romney’s favor.

Both Romney and the Pulpit Pimps losing in their respective challenges would not be a bad thing, but this strange linkage of events does not look good.

2 Responses to “Is Pulpit Pimp Investigator US Senator Charles “Chuck” Grassley a Mitt Romney Fan?”

  1. art123 Says:

    IC, is it possible that what you are saying that there is a possible motive behind the US Senate’s shakedown of prosperity gospel pimps so that the Mormon religion could be widespread?  I am trying to understand.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Well what I’m primarily saying, is that Grassley is a highly respected Senator in conservative circles, most in his home state.  Anything he says favoring Romney can influence the outcome in his state’s primary, that has a MAJOR impact on the future of the campaigns of all candidates involved.  You can get the full primary schedule here.  Guess who goes first?  IOWA.  It’s known that Bush’s team is backing Romney.  So you have some very big players all behind Romney.  Romney’s cult is all for using him to advance their cult.

    Did Grassley initiate this investigation in part because he’s considering how it might impact the election?  That’s the question beneath the question of asking if Grassley is a Mitt Romney fan.  That’s why I placed it in the "Questionable Items" category.  I’m just saying there is a possible connection, I’m not saying any more than that.

    I just think the linkage is suspicious and would like to hear how others feel about it.

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