May 28, 2007

Just How Does Benny Hinn Get So Many People To Fall Out At Once? His Secret Revealed!

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A reader of this blog named Midgie was kind enough to send me details of her experience when she attended a major Benny Hinn event. She has given me permission to post it here for your benefit. So that you will know the truth regarding Hinn’s mass “slain in the spirit” trick.

I took my sister to a Benny Hinn crusade in Orlando, FLA years back. I sincerely prayed before I went and for most of the 24 hour straight drive there from Boston. I prayed for the Lord to protect me and show me if Benny Hinn was truly His minister or not. I went there, not for a healing, but because I was so curious how all those people in the congregation were “slayed in the Spirit” at the same time as shown on TBN. I wanted to see for myself whether or not Benny Hinn was the real thing or how he did this.

I’m sad to say that I experienced first-hand how Mr. Hinn manipulated the sound system to knock everyone into their seats for the camera. First he had everyone in their seats stand (only those in seats – absolutely nobody in the aisles) and hold hands with our neighbors with our hands held high above our heads. We were told to close our eyes while we sang “spiritual” hypnotic music. After a time, we were told to keep our eyes closed and concentrate our prayers for the Holy Spirit to fall on us. The backs of our legs were against the front of the chairs because there wasn’t a lot of floor space between the rows of seats to move around. After a time of standing like that and beginning to feel weak from our hands above our heads for so long and having no room to move around, he then asked over and over again if we were ready for the Holy Spirit? Of course, everyone was screaming “YES!!!” Everything then got silent and Benny suddenly “screeched” LOUDLY into the microphone. I saw him (didn’t close my eyes as told to) giving hand signals to those in the sound booth before he screeched into the microphone. When he screeched, it was a quick piercing sound in my ears that near lifted me off the ground and knocked me off balance. There wasn’t any room between the seats to move my feet to regain my balance, so I very naturally fell back into my seat, as did each person. It happened so quickly that had I not been paying very close attention to what he was doing, I would have been caught up in the excitement and not realized what happened. The fact that we were all holding hands brought us all down into our seats instantly. Looks legit on TV, but I knew at this point how he did it. I was so disappointed because I really wanted him to be the real thing. My sister didn’t notice a thing because she was so busy praying and excitedly waiting for the “Holy Spirit to fall on her.” She thought it was all legit and left that “prayer service” feeling filled to overflowing with the “Holy Spirit”. I didn’t want to be too adamant with her about what a fake Benny Hinn was because I was afraid it would be very damaging to her faith. I just prayed that the Lord would bless her despite Benny Hinn and his antics. There is just NO WAY the Holy Spirit needs to manipulate a sound system to slay us. LOL!

Since Benny Hinn does not allow recording equipment at his events and pulls videos from YouTube that expose him, we know that he is a man with plenty to hide.

Folks who were honestly slain by the spirit have learned it’s not like what you see from Benny Hinn and not the sort of thing you should seek to experience.

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2 Responses to “Just How Does Benny Hinn Get So Many People To Fall Out At Once? His Secret Revealed!”

  1. Benny Hinn Trick Exposed! Oh Yes, And More Paula White And Joel Osteen Stuff « Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare Says:

    […] Posted by healtheland on May 28th, 2007 I regret that I have not been doing much on the topic of false preachers lately; I have my reasons and they are good ones. But fortunately, Independent Conservative has still been at it! See this excellent piece on how he gets so many people to fall out at once […]

  2. trayjay Says:

    Good morning, IC. Thanks for that information on Hinn boy. I hope it is okay for me to say this on your site, but that sounds like witchcraft to me; more than just a parlor trick. I pray for the young lady who was sincerely looking for a touch from the Lord and others who were there. If I could send a message to the person who sent the info to you, I would say pray diligently for your sister and pray for opportunities to tell her the truth. We must be willing to give Godly correction in season and out of season, whether it is welcomed or unwelcomed, comfortable or uncomfortable. This is life and death. I know you want to be careful not to push her away, but really seek the Lord for guidance on how to tell her. He will work it all out.

    Keep up the good work, IC. I will share this with others.

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