March 21, 2007

New Definition of “Blighted”. Arlington Heights, Illinois

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Given we live in a nation where government can take land simply for the sake of increasing the money flowing into government. None of us knows the moment we might be forcibly removed from our property and given a check, even if we never wanted the check. Folks in Arlington Heights, Illinois are learning that “blighted” in their town means, we had to make up something in order to bring in that new Super Target. Eminent domain abuse continues. But the good people of this town have not given up the fight and are still fighting things out in court. You know, the courts, the place that approved eminent domain abuse in the first place 😕 .

(One of the businesses being forced out is named XSport Fitness.)

XSport Fitness appeals redevelopment ruling

Arlington Heights officials have been trying to redevelop the site ? which includes International Plaza and XSport Fitness ? since 2002, when they declared the area blighted and formed the special taxing district. In 2005, village officials approved a plan to build a Super Target on the site with a $19 million property tax rebate plan over 23 years.

I was contacted by one of the folks fighting against this abuse in Arlington Heights. I asked them to send me pictures of this supposedly “blighted” area, so that I could show you how it really looks. They directed me to the blog WindyPundit, that has been covering this issue for some time. There I found a link to 90 pictures of the area. Have a look at the pictures yourself. It probably looks a lot like a shopping area in your neighborhood, maybe better. And if it happened to them, it can happened to you.

You can see from those pictures, they are not some run-down crime ridden area in need of any form of redevelopment that might make the place better. It’s a regular shopping area, that some in government simply felt was not profitable enough for government greed.

One Response to “New Definition of “Blighted”. Arlington Heights, Illinois”

  1. johnkaniecki Says:

    Part of my job is to get deeds for the right of way process. Right of way as I know it is when the government is going to take away land or create easements. It is my experience that the public is not well informed on what is going to happen. In fact it seems to me that the government’s system of notifying the public of ongoing projects is inadequate. Perhaps a system where any project is emailed to anyone interested. The email recipients could limit their information by geography. For example all work being done by the state in a municpality, a county or on a particular road. This would certainly help include the people affected most into the project. This is a government for the people and by the people. Enough of big brother it is so unamerican.


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