February 9, 2007

Is Sean Hannity Stealing Your Content?

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It seems radio and TV news personality Sean Hannity is being called on the carpet for good reason. One who has helped to inform us about the threat posed by Islamists says she’s become a victim of Hannity stating things over the air that only she revealed and Hannity failed to give her the credit she is due. The person is none other than Debbie Schlussel and rightfully she’s ticked. La Shawn Barber notes that Debbie has tried to address this issue with Sean Hannity in private to no avail.

What surprises me the most is a promise Ms. Schlussel says Hannity made to her.

The first night, Tuesday Night, I contacted Sean on his cellphone. He was, as usual, “too busy” and couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing. He admitted he knew he used my work uncredited, and I managed to get him to promise to have me on to discuss my original work, he said, “if we talk about this again on the show.” I also suggested having Al-Husainy, himself, on along with myself, since I’m only the single commentator who actually knows something–actually, a lot–about him. Sean promised that if they had the imam on, he and John Finley would have me on, too.

Last night on FoxNews program Hannity and Colmes, Sean Hannity had a one on one interview with Muslim Imam Husham al-Husainy. Schlussel has exposed the Imam via her own personal research as an enemy of America. Although while on FoxNews he was all smiles and proclaiming love for this nation. This Imam is being exposed because the Democrats have literally bowed their heads for him to pray over them. Robert Spencer has footage of that and a breakdown of the prayer, that was very much an Islamist rattle that many failed to decipher.

But back to Hannity. I noticed a very interesting comment on Schlussel’s blog by someone using the handle rkrugger, that mentions:

You think this is the first time he’s done something like this? I stopped listening to his “show” when he kept claiming he did “research” on a subject, and it turned out he was simply repeating stuff from blogs posted earlier, and he NEVER gave any credit to anyone.

This is the kind of thing that could sink Hannity. He’s obviously violating the hard work of others and even after being informed about it he appears to have nothing to say. Is it because Hannity wants to give the impression he’s a crack researcher? Is it because he does not want to be associated with the sources of his information? Whatever the reason, he’s misleading the public and obviously pulling some nice ratings because of it.

I know others who have turned their backs on Hannity for other reasons, but this is one issue he’s not going to be able to resolve with silence. He’s going to have to come clean and offer proper attribution. Debbie Schlussel is an attorney, not the kind of person you want to tick off.

Hannity professes good values, but it seems he’s not doing the right thing regarding this issue and this may be an issue he’s had for a long time. Every kid who has finished high school English classes knows you always credit your source when giving a report. Hannity is not even saying he got is information from “a blog”, but posing as if he digs it all up himself. Given Hannity has been notified and obviously made a false promise in response, I now see him as being less than honorable as a man.

Can’t say I’ll be able to tell you much about what is happening on his shows until this is cleared up. Obviously much of the information he brings to the table is found elsewhere anyway, so I don’t think any of us will miss much when not tuning into his show.

And it seems Hannity might not be the only FoxNews personality taking Debbie’s content without attribution.

In a comment on her blog she mentions:


Come on guys, just be straight about where you get the stuff from. Personally I prefer to name the source and quote them, rather than deny the source some credit. Not to mention, if the source is cited any confusion can always be quickly cleared up.

8 Responses to “Is Sean Hannity Stealing Your Content?”

  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    Michael Reagan Allows Debbie Schlussel to Report Her Findings About Imam Husham Al-Husainy (Audio)

    Although some people won’t allow her to expose Imam Husham Al-Husainy for the enemy of America that he really is, Michael Reagan allowed Debbie Schlussel to do so on his show last night. Today Sean Hannity had the Imam on his radio show. OK I …

  2. KOAJaps Says:

    Yes he’s stealing and guess what, Fox is a sham that supports terrorism. Prove it?

    Is one

    Is another.

    The first one is a conservative blog. The other is a liberal blog. Why are two polar oppsites telling the same story? Maybe because it’s true? Oh and remeber the Fox reporters who were kidnapped and Fox paid a $2 million ransom? Guess to who? HAMAS! The organization tha’s killing the innocent Jews in Israel?,2933,210645,00.html

    And this

    So now the money Rupert Murdoch gave to Hamas is now buying weapons to kill more Jews? Is Sean Hannity Stealing Your Content? Should be the least of your problems, now they’re funding terrorists! Do you see a problem with that or are you Christians so blind that the Right is Right regardless of what they do?

  3. KOAJaps Says:

    I’m an athiest and I couldn’t care less what you think but you are the stewards of God and Fox is killing your God’s people. Call me a conspiracy kook? Fine go ahead, I couldn’t care less but I am a Republican who hates hypocracy. You wonder why people hate evangelicals? BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT A NEWS ORGANIZATION(Fox) WHO SUPPORT TERRORISTS!!!

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    If we are stewards for God, than by definition of your own statement, there is a God and you are not an atheist. You are a person who needs to consider that you did not create yourself, but a real God did and his Son Jesus gave his own life to pardon our sins. You should accept him as your Lord and Savior.

    FoxNews giving ransom to terrorists is no better than when the Christian Science Monitor probably did it for Jill Carroll, or when CNN selectively reported so they could maintain a facility in Iraq, or when CBS made use of terrorist footage in their own report, or when NBC named an informant to the US Government, or when ABC cut facts from a movie to hide the truth about a watered down War on Terror. Not to mention ABC syndicates Sean Hannity’s radio program.

    You link to ThinkProgress, when that site has done a great deal to support the Liberals, who give comfort to terrorists.

    So name the network and I can name for you how they have failed in doing their part regarding terrorists.

    I might not be a Republican, but I do know that Christians pressed that party to end evils like slavery, not atheists, or selectively claiming pseudo-atheists, who claim the cult of atheism when it fits their argument. Folks like you. Give up your hiding and accept God created you.

  5. KOAJaps Says:

    I am an athiest and I choose to be one. Does not your God to allow us to sin? To give us a choice to be a follower or not? I guess not, because, if a woman sins and has an abortion, your people would shoot the doctor and he would be praised doing so.
    It just goes to prove that we’re being lied to and I also posted a conservative website too, Jihad Watch? And as for a network, I recommend: , a conservative network that exposes the corrpution in the White House. Also, being an athiest, I also recommend a Christian site: and

    Both are conservative Christian and both are seeking the truth.

    But keep in mind, you represent (by no design of yours) the Catholic Church, who BTW molest kids, a party of Neo-Cons who party up in Northern California called the Bohemian Grove attende by both Conservative and Liberals as well as Hillary Clinton and Republican George W. Bush

    Do you see a pattern? Or are yu so in deep in your opine that organized religion is more important than the truth, all the while both the lefties and righties are taking away your rights?

    So yes, I am an athiest and the God I see Bush and Clinton worship is not a God I want in my life. But if it’s your God, then doesn’t your Godive us a choice? Or is it a sham?

  6. KOAJaps Says:

    Sorry about the spelling errors

  7. IndependentConservative Says:

    KOAJaps – Your choice not to believe is your own, as is my choice to not waste any more time on your nonsense.

    (You know what that means folks, he’s gone by my choosing.)

  8. JMK Says:

    Hannity ought to give Schlussel the credit she deserves.

    It’s good you’ve stood up for integrity. Good for you IC!

    I saw the coverage of the “car-B-cues” in France this past summer and FOx’s on-air personnel always made clear that these were Muslim riots. The rest of the MSM bought the “poverty link” hook, line and sinker because that’s what they always want to believe – “poverty causes violence.”

    They’re wrong, dead wrong. In tha vast majority of cases, hate causes violence.

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