January 24, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama, Muslim in Name Only.

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[Since the post below was written, more details have surfaced that show Obama was a Muslim. The text below is kept for archival reference purposes only.]

Well I said it was time to question Obama directly about his history of faith, or cults depending on what he’s been into. And now the MSM has been asking so much that Obama had to respond. Keep in mind, that when Insight ran their story Obama’s people would not respond. Maybe if they spoke up sooner some of this would have been avoided. Obama is now saying it’s good the MSM investigated, when much of this would have been resolved if he answered questions about it when his camp was first asked.

When contacted by Insight, Mr. Obama?s press secretary said he would consult with ?his boss? and call back. He did not.

Check out this video where Obama confirms he was not trained in a Madrassa. Also The Political Pit Bull, who is not at all happy with his fellow Conservative bloggers who dared to question Obama’s religious past, found that Obama’s folks have issued a statement that Barack Hussein (Muslim name) was never a Muslim at all. Greg over at The Political Pit Bull is one I count as a friend in a blogosphere of wolves. We don’t always agree, because no 2 people ever do, but it’s good we can disagree on how to handle Obama and remain civil.

Allahpundit over at Hot Air has found that Insight has more to say on the matter. First Insight explained that they were reporting what they got from Hillary Clinton’s camp. Although Clinton’s camp denies it they have not filed any lawsuits either.

Then the statement from Insight mentions this:

Hats off to CNN, but . . .

As for CNN?s investigation into Obama?s Muslim school, we are not yet convinced. To simply take the word of a deputy headmaster about what was the religious curriculum of a school 35 years ago does not satisfy our standards for aggressive investigative reporting. The State Department portrays Indonesia as a hot bed of radical Islamist activity. Christians and non-Muslims face persecution on a daily basis. CNN?s claim that Obama attended a multi-confessional, secular public school needs verification by other news outlets?such as FOX News?who will look the facts straight on, without a vested ideological interest in downplaying Obama?s Muslim heritage.

Ah… They did a lot more than just speak with the school’s deputy head master. They pulled photos, talked with an old classmate, checked the school out with video and found it was not a Madrassa. This shows Insight does not know when to back away. At least until they can prove otherwise. Bottom line, we Conservatives can take issue with CNN’s angle all we want, but their story regarding Obama’s mostly Muslim school in Indonesia was solid. And yes it was more solid than Insight’s sources and even sources used in other posts I’ve made on the matter. But it all kept swirling because Barack Hussein Obama failed to fully and openly address the issue until after CNN sent somebody all the way to Indonesia.

Now that Obama says he never was a Muslim, one has to wonder why he has been able to say he’s read some of the Koran. (See the first link in this post.) Also he’s said his mother owned or Koran. We know all about his name and his father was a Muslim, on top of the time he spent years in a Muslim nation. So it makes sense for his background regarding Islam to be questioned and Obama should have addressed the matter fully sooner. And there’s still that matter of the fact his church has ties to anti-Semitism. Even if his local church did not invite anti-Israel speakers to speak there, it is my opinion that they know what their parent church is up to and remain part of the group. Obama claims them, so he carries their baggage until he distances himself from it. Obama still needs to address how he reconciles his own views with that of his parent church. Why? On this one Insight offers a good statement.

Recent history and contemporary events have shown that the religious belief systems of Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush were significant in their policy-making. The same might be true with Obama?whatever he believes. And perhaps also with Mitt Romney, Bill Richardson, and all other candidates standing for election to the highest office in the land.

The media uproar over our reporting reveals a media establishment choosing not to ask the tough questions about Obama?s Muslim past: If he was raised in a secular household (as he claims), why does he have?or retain?Muslim names, Barack and Hussein? Were his father and stepfather as secular as he says? What is the exact nature of Obama?s current religious affiliation and what are the beliefs and teachings of his current church in Chicago, the Trinity United Church of Christ? Does he adhere to these teachings or is he a Sunday bench warmer only? These kinds of tough questions need to be asked of all presidential candidates regardless of political party. This is the duty of a responsible press.

And with all the information found about Obama’s religious past, we still see in his present that he endorses policies that give him a 100% rating from groups that make it their business to kill babies in the womb. He claims Christianity, but it seems a death cult guides his policy on abortion.

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