January 19, 2007

Barack Hussein Obama is Not Mr. “Audacity” After All. His Concealed Muslim Training in a Madrassa Has Been Revealed!

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Sure I’ve mentioned it before, but now the details are coming out! Details Obama neglected to mention himself. And it’s not Conservative voices that are digging it up. Rivals in his own party found it!

Hillary’s team has questions about Obama’s Muslim backgroundInsight Magazine – 1/16-22/2007

An investigation of Mr. Obama by political opponents within the Democratic Party has discovered that Mr. Obama was raised as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia. Sources close to the background check, which has not yet been released, said Mr. Obama, 45, spent at least four years in a so-called Madrassa, or Muslim seminary, in Indonesia.

“He was a Muslim, but he concealed it,” the source said.

Sources said the background check, conducted by researchers connected to Senator Clinton, disclosed details of Mr. Obama’s Muslim past. The sources said the Clinton camp concluded the Illinois Democrat concealed his prior Muslim faith and education.

In two best-selling autobiographies?”The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” and “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”?Mr. Obama, born in Honolulu where his parents met, mentions but does not expand on his Muslim background, alluding only to his attendance at a “predominantly Muslim school.”

Mr. Obama attends services at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago?s South Side. However, he is not known to be a regular parishioner.

“Obama’s education began a life-long relationship with Islam as a faith and Muslims as a community,” the source said. “This has been a relationship that contains numerous question marks.”

Also Mychal Massie has been doing some research of his own on Obama. He does a good summary of Obama in this piece. And in another older piece that Mr. Massie alerted me to, he mentions a startling piece of information.

Darth – 11/16/2004

Obama’s forbearers are Kenyan, and it is alleged his grandfather was a slave owner.

A slave owning grandfather? If that’s true, it could be another very unsettling piece of information. So many Blacks run around crying about slavery, which they do need to get over, instead of crying for more apologies. While many of those same people might be supporting a politician who himself might have seen some benefit from his family owning slaves. That cheap labor might have helped make it economically possible for Obama’s father to come to America. Although Obama did not own slaves himself, this would connect him closer to slavery than any American politician in our lifetime.

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  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    CNN Finds Obama Not Trained in a Madrassa. Insight Stands By Their Story. Time to Question Obama Directly. (Video)

    So Insight magazine found, that team Hillary discovered Obama was trained in a Madrassa, as mentioned in this previous post. Now CNN has sent a reporter to Indonesia, who claims he found the actual school and they even showed pictures from when Obama…

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