December 22, 2006

More on the Fraud Named Obama

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My friend Uncle_Tom_Bill sent me this one that is a good read.

The Barack Obama | August 6, 2004

While Obama spoke of individual responsibility ? such as stating that the government cannot teach kids to read, parents must ? his ideology and voting record is quite different.

His voting record certainly displays the ideology characteristic of an indulgent liberal. (Sorry, “Progressive.”) Obama favors abortion, socialized medicine, and Affirmative Action. Obama sponsored a bill in the Illinois legislature requiring local police departments in Illinois to record the race of anyone stopped for questioning so that the data can be used to track the occurrence of racial profiling. He opposes a $2,000 tax credit for retirement and has voted against private gun ownership, mandatory sentencing and the death penalty. During his tenure as a legislator, he abstained from voting about an abortion parental notification bill and on legislation that would keep pornographic video stores and strip clubs from within 1,000 feet of schools and churches. He has also voted against laws requiring students to complete suspensions before being transferred to other school districts. He abstained from legislation requiring adult prosecution for students who fire guns on school grounds. He opposed legislation making it a criminal offense for accused gang members to associate with known gang members.

Obama the candidate is conservative only when addressing a national television audience.

He’s not Conservative, he’s not Moderate, he’s pure Liberal/Progressive.

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