October 8, 2006

Open Borders Leftists Call Minuteman Project Board Member Marvin Stewart the N-Word and a Klansman.

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Marvin Stewart The picture of the man in this post (photo credit USAToday) is Marvin Stewart. An American who is concerned about America’s open borders. A minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A board member of the Minuteman Project. And as is visibly obvious, a Black man. While we Conservatives see this kind of combination as nothing surprising, given plenty of Americans of all backgrounds and cultures are concerned about the border issue. This combination is simply unacceptable for the political Left.

The political Left would like for all minorities to reside in the place designated for them by Liberals and pop up their heads when it’s time to run a “get out the vote” drive or try to smear a White Conservative with race bait. It’s about as demeaning as when Blacks were forced to the back of the bus. So when Leftists see a Black person not staying in the assigned place, they immediately attack that person. This is the case with Marvin Stewart. For standing up on the border issue outside of the assigned place, he has to endure the scorn of being called both the N-word and a Klansman. You see, his assigned place as a Black minister in Liberal Land, is to support open borders and claim any opposition to open borders is an attack by racists. Using his race to turn himself into a human shield, in hopes that anyone against illegal immigration won’t oppose him. Instead, Stewart has decided to use his own mind and take a different view on the issue. So he’s being attacked and you know Liberals love to toss race bait at most anything. So they are offering him equal opportunity with racially offensive slurs.

Called the N-Word

Watch the video below, to see him give his account of being called the N-word by Leftists at Columbia University.

(Hat tip Hot Air.)

A transcript of the interview is available here.

Called a Klansman

Then watch Liberal Leftist Congresswoman Diane Watson call him a Klansman, by saying:

Those people out there. Minutemen, who have their sports shirts, had their hoods on, a few decades ago.

Now you might say, the nuts at Columbia University are some idiot kids, but can you believe that a Black man must endorse such nonsense from a member of Congress? Well when we’re talking about Liberals, you’d better believe it! Because they all act like children.

The great thing about being a Black man who is Conservative, is that you know you’re not just following the herd and actually thinking for yourself.

update 10/12/2006 10:32AM:
La Shawn Barber is trying to reach Stewart for an interview.

One Response to “Open Borders Leftists Call Minuteman Project Board Member Marvin Stewart the N-Word and a Klansman.”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    The way Watson and company respond to Independent Black people is a good illustration of how the kkk has become redundant.

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