October 6, 2006

Laura Ingaham and Michelle Malkin Discuss Islamic Radicals in US Prisons. While Esam Omeish Does the Usual Islamist Cover Job. (Audio)

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IngrahamMalkin The other day Laura Ingraham had on Michelle Malkin, to discuss the a report that showed orthodox Islam (you and they call it radical Islam) is running rampant in US prisons. You can read and view some more details about those reports here and here. Playing his usual role as Islamist cover man was Dr. Esam Omeish, President of the Muslim American Society.

First let me give you the scoop on the Islamist front man and his organization. Then I’ll mention some details about what happened during their discussion. The Muslim American Society is a group that is in full agreement with orthodox Islamists’ ultimate goal, which is to turn America into an Islamic state. They only state a public disagreement with orthodox Islamists regarding the method, which really is not actual disagreement in private, when you consider the details of this organization which you must read. Even if you don’t read another word of this post, please read that link.

You see, the front groups like MAS and CAIR really do want America to become Muslim. Which is the same goal spewed by radicals that don’t pose as moderates. The desired goal is a matter groups like MAS and CAIR attempt to avoid talking about or lie about, but there actions prove they want to Islamatize America. The only difference between their actions and those of someone like Osama bin Laden, is that they act like they are against violence to achieve the goal. This is exactly how Muhammad acted before he had the military support to simply wage open war and take what he wanted by force. So MAS and CAIR pose as moderates who they’d hope we believe are not orthodox Muslims trying to take over the country, but they and bin Laden are both spawn from Muhammad’s Satan inspired vision. To take over all territory in their path and when unable to use force, doing it via other means until force is a viable option. Read Daniel Pipes’ The Muslim American Society’s Goals.

Robert Spencer tells more of the Truth about Muhammad, the one who is the visionary of Islam. And knowing of him, you get a picture of what he really wanted his cult to be.

And some say the political Left is not playing into the hand of Islamists, but when you look at the MAS list of personalities, you see names like John Kerry, Barack Obama and Michael Moore. At the time of this post, every person on their list who is not Muslim and American is on the political Left. And if you want radical Muslims they’ve got people like Moqtada Sadr listed.

So the discussion was about Muslim radicals (I call it orthodox Islam) in US prisons. Malkin says it’s spread because we don’t crack down on those who spread the message of the radicals. Including those already convicted and in prison. The Islamist front man tried to compare the number of Radical Muslims in prisons with numbers in prison groups like the Aryan Nation. Ingraham quickly noted that other groups are denounced by everyone and not doing things now like the radicals. The analogy does not fit. Plenty of Whites denounce the Aryan Nation, but it’s hard to find a rally with a lot of Muslims speaking out against orthodox Islamists. America is a mostly White nation, that makes it hard for people speaking the Aryan Nation’s trash to get major airtime and large crowds. Because the public generally rejects them. But in mostly Muslim nations, the orthodox Islamists are given major airtime and speak before large crowds.

Instead of focusing on supporting efforts to stop the spread of the radicals, Omeish continued basically covering and attacking efforts to go after radicals.

Malkin said of Omeish:

He is living in an alternate reality.

She also said he’s part of a front group and groups like his really want to establish a Caliphate in America. The facts show she’s 100% correct.

Islamist front man Omeish said he’s for Sharia in majority Muslim nations. You know, the laws where converts from Islam are put to death and women are abused. So it’s no wonder these Islamist front groups never have women speaking for them. Omeish was in a discussion with 2 women, but his group never has a women speaking on their behalf.

Ingraham noted that Muslims are instructed to press for a Muslim nation. Omeish did much ducking when pressed about this. No questions were asked about the FACT the KORAN instructs Muslims to make those who are not converted to Islam pay a special tax or die. Ingraham kept trying to pin him down, but like a true front man he ran and spun.

Ingraham noted there is no uprising of “moderate” Muslim voices. Brigitte Gabriel is wondering where they are too.

As I said before, I’m not expecting any uprising of that sort. Because I feel there are too many people who claim Islam and really do agree with the ultimate goal, even if they disagree with the methods used by some. Walid Shoebat is right, the population of Muslims who disagree with it all is a small minority.

Christians believe that we will be a small minority that is persecuted in the future, only to be saved via supernatural acts. While orthodox Muslims are pressing for a world dominated by themselves via their own actions.

Omeish would keep interrupting. I guess that’s how he shows a lady respect. Michelle was not interrupting his garbage at all.

Hear it all using the audio link below.
Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Esam Omeish (Islamist front man) discuss radical Islam in prisons – WMA Audio (Size: 1.68 MB)
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