September 22, 2006

Egypt Wants to Go Nuclear!

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They say it’s for peaceful purposes, but given the teachings of orthodox Islam, I don’t think this is a good thing.

‘Egypt will pursue nuclear energy’

President Hosni Mubarak on Thursday called for Egypt to pursue nuclear energy, as the US ambassador said Washington would be willing to help its Mideast ally develop a peaceful program.

Mubarak echoed a call made earlier this week by his son, Gamal, who many believe is being groomed to succeed his father. The proposal surprised some, who saw it as a jab at the United States, which is locked in a confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program.

US Ambassador to Egypt, Francis Ricciardone, said the United States had no problem with an Egyptian nuclear program and is ready to supply technology to help.

“There is no comparison between Iran and Egypt in this field. Iran has a nuclear weapons program, but using nuclear power for peaceful means is a totally different matter,” he told the Egyptian TV station El-Mehwar.

“If Egypt, after detailed study on this subject, decides that nuclear power is a positive thing and important for Egypt, we can cooperate in this field. Why not?” he said.

Ambassador Ricciardone ask, “why not”? Because a nation led by a religion that teaches in the verses of its so-called holy book, that Christians and Jews should be put in a state of subjection or killed, is a nation that can never be trusted. Maybe the USA is offering to “help” as a means to better monitor things? Islam is NOT a religion of peace and one of the biggest names in that cult said it himself. The Recliner Commentaries has a good post about the words of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Read them and don’t forget he’s still highly respected in the Muslim world and with Muslims here in the USA.

Folks you’re gonna have to wake up and realize, that Islam is a cult with intentions of taking over the world by force. Those who say otherwise lie or choose to ignore the facts. The most respected names in that cult call for war, just like the false prophet who founded it! How many Muslims who are respected on Arab streets have to say it’s about WAR before you wake up?!!!

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  1. Tel-Chai Nation Says:

    Egypt may be developing nuclear weapons

    While people’s attentions are focused on Iran’s own nukes, it appears that once again, another dictatorship, that being Egypt’s, has been all but ignored. From the Jerusalem Post (Hat tip: Independent Conservative):

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