August 30, 2006

California’s Liberal Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Does it Again! More Pandering to Pro-Gay Groups and Attacking Church Schools.

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Every time I think about how Republicans and people like Sean Hannity gave support to Arnold Schwarzenegger, most without making a formal “endorsement”, I get so ticked. Because I KNEW these days would come. All the Conservatives that were calling and complaining about Hannity’s noticeable bias in favor of Schwarzenegger knew these days would come and now they are here.

Schwarzenegger panders to illegals, panders to immoral groups and speaks in churches, then walks out to support sin. I will always say that any self respecting Conservative should have voted for Tom McClintock. But when people think with the “what’s good for the party” logic, you end up with a “Big Tent” that is full of sin and immorality!

Matthew 6:24 (New King James Version)

24) ?No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

The “masters” of the Republican Party have failed to show they look to almighty God as their master, in their CONTINUED SUPPORT of Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Liberals like Rudy Giuliani. I think Giuliani did great work after 9/11, but the man should never be endorsed to be President of this nation. If the Republican Party were truly a “conservative” party, they would hold a standard that expels Liberals from the party. Schwarzenegger has signed on to an attack on Christian schools. Since the inception of this nation, government money that went to schools was going to Christian schools, that held morality standards. We know that many of the schools in this nation started from churches. Now Schwarzenegger is ensuring that the state of California kills that great legacy of the state working with bodies of faith to promote education. Republicans say their party has “rules”, regarding of who can hold certain posts in Congress and such, but it seems a Republican can run a state and be the handmaiden of the pro-gay lobby. But hey, the Republicans cheered “ARNOLD” because he’s “good” for the “party”.

Schwarzenegger Accused of ‘Squashing Religious Freedom’

( – A conservative advocacy group says California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has betrayed California families by signing a bill that will force faith-based colleges to either abandon their biblical standards on sexuality, or else reject students who receive state financial aid.

SB 1441 says state-operated and state-funded programs may not discriminate against anyone based on their sexual orientation (among other things).

“People of conscience are appalled that Arnold Schwarzenegger has trampled religious freedom to satisfy hyperactive sexual activists,” said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families (CCF).

Thomasson accused Schwarzenegger of having two faces: “He speaks at churches and says he believes in religious freedom and family values, yet he’s stabbing pro-family Californians in the back.”

SB 1441, sponsored by lesbian Sen. Sheila Kuehl, a Democrat, specifically says that “any program or activity that…receives any financial assistance from the state” must give “full and equal access” to Californians without regard to “race, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, color, or disability.”

Conservatives say the addition of the “sexual orientation” category means state programs must now “support transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality or lose state funding.”

Conservatives are especially upset that SB 1441 contains no exemption for Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or other religious colleges and universities that accept students with Cal Grants, or for child-care providers that accept CalWORKS vouchers.

“If signed into law, SB 1441 would mean religious colleges (which accept students with state financial aid), children’s day care centers and after-school programs (many of which receive state funding) could be forced to allow men to wear women’s dresses and hire transsexual, bisexual or homosexual instructor,” CCF said.

“SB 1441 would destroy these institutions’ standards for role models and their dearly-held values to provide for the best interest of children in their care.”

Schwarzenegger signed it into law Monday. What good is the Republican idea of “school vouchers”, if parents won’t have the “choice” to use them at a Christian private school?

The pro-gay lobby says:

But Equality California (EQCA), the homosexual advocacy group that led the push for the legislation, says the bill will “protect from discrimination all Californians who utilize public services such as police and fire protection, financial aid, social services and food stamps.”

As if when someone calls 911 the operator asks if the caller is gay? Or state financial aid papers ask if the applicant is gay? Or welfare and food stamp programs ask if the recipient is gay? None of these services ask anyone who they sleep in the bed with.

Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the SB 1441 on Monday, and the Campaign for Children and Families warns that other “sexual indoctrination” bills may soon be heading to his desk.

They include SB 1437, a bill currently on the Senate floor, that would prohibit California textbooks, instructional materials, and school-sponsored activities from “reflecting adversely” on transsexuality, bisexuality, or homosexuality. It indirectly requires a positive portrayal of those sexual lifestyles, conservatives complain.

AB 606, also on the Senate floor, would require school districts to establish and publicize a policy that prohibits discrimination and harassment based on actual or perceived
gender identify and sexual orientation. According to CCF, this bill “clears the way for transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual curriculum to be forced on all public schools.”

And AB 1056, now on the Senate floor, would establish a Tolerance Education Pilot Program, to be administered by the State Department of Education. According to CCF, the bill would spend $250,000 in taxpayer dollars to promote transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual lifestyles under the banner of “tolerance education.”

How much longer will Republicans use that “good for the party” line during election time and Conservative voters continue to fall for it? If Conservatives started voting for what they believe, instead of what the party “masters” feel is “good”, than the “parties” would see that they should stand for moral values. Democrats and Republicans have shown they stand for WINNING A POLITICAL CONTEST, not VALUES.

2 Responses to “California’s Liberal Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Does it Again! More Pandering to Pro-Gay Groups and Attacking Church Schools.”

  1. liberalism is a mental disorder Says:

    I am ashamed to admit that when I lived in California, I voted for Arnold. At the time, he was the lesser of the evils, such as 2000 and 2004 with the presidential elections and voting Bush, who I knew was liberal on fiscal and border issues. I regret that decision and sit here in Arizona wishing that I could do something to get Arnold out of office, but alas, his popularity is just too great.

    I owe apologies to the people of California for my vote in favor of him

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    We’ve all made some mistakes in the voting booth 🙂 .

    But there are those of us who learned from our mistakes (like you and me) and others who will continue to make them. Unfortunately that later group seems to always be in the majority.

    I’ve heard people from CA say “so goes CA, so goes the world”. Or something like that. And given the current situation, that is a scary thought.

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