July 11, 2006

Bombs in Bombay?

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Still being investigated. Most likely cause? Yes probably terrorists! You don’t get 5 blasts by accident.

Blasts in India financial capital

At least five explosions have taken place in the Indian financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay), police say.

It is not yet clear what caused the blasts and police are not confirming the location of the explosions, which occurred during evening rush hour.

Some reports say at least one of the blasts took place near a train station. Unconfirmed reports speak of a number of casualties.

There have been a number of bomb attacks in Mumbai in recent years.

Bombay is the financial center of India. This was targeted to hurt their market, which may crash when they open tomorrow.

update 7/11/2006 10:19AM:
Michelle Malkin has found a report that now mentions 7 blasts!

update 7/11/2006 11:39AM:
CNN reports 70 (maybe 100) are dead. Hundreds wounded.

update 7/11/2006 12:04PM:
The death toll is up to 135. Of course we know Al Qaeda has a history of multiple bomb blasts on trains and in financial centers.

update 7/11/2006 1:55PM:
Up to 147 lives lost and 439 wounded. I’m not buying theories that this is related to earlier smaller scale violence in India. This was a well coordinated attack using high impact explosives. Not the work of some momentarily angered group.

update 7/11/2006 11:04PM:
Gateway Pundit found that a terrorist was nabbed in Delhi with explosives and cash. He claims he had nothing to do with the blasts earlier today. Of course he could be lying, but it shows the terrorists are ever busy. Which is why the US press should never have leaked the tunnel bombing plot recently foiled here in the USA.

update 7/12/2006 1:59AM:
The CNN report now mentions that at least 174 are dead. 464 injured.

6 Responses to “Bombs in Bombay?”

  1. Michelle Malkin Says:


    9/11. 3/11. Now 7/11? Drudge reporting seven explosions on Bombay’s rail lines. Allah: “What is it with the eleventh of month? Fausta: Madrid, London, now Bombay? Independent Conservative on the markets. Pajamas Media is tracking….

  2. Stop The ACLU Says:

    Seven Explosions at Bombay Train Stations

    Update: Make that 7 explosions.
    Seven explosions hit Bombay’s commuter rail network during rush hour Tuesday evening, ripping apart train compartments and reportedly injuring dozens of people, police and Indian media said.
    Indian television n…

  3. Assorted Babble by Suzie Says:

    Communter Trains BLASTED in India

    Breaking Now and the number of dead is rising. In Mumbai, India seven (7) blasts hit communter trains.Jay at Stop the ACLU and Hot Air have posted on this breaking news.
    Via Breitbart: Seven explosions hit Bombay’s commuter rail netw …

  4. Blogs of War Says:

    Seven Explosions Tear Apart Indian Trains – Dozens Feared Dead

    Deatails are still emerging and reports have scaled up from three bombs to seven pretty quickly:
    Seven explosions hit Bombay’s commuter rail network Tuesday evening during rush hour, ripping apart train compartments, officials said. Indian televi…

  5. Planck's Constant Says:

    It’s not Cashmere it’s Muslin – Bombs over Bombay

    It’s quite simple. It’s not border disputes; it’s not sectarian violence; it’s nothing to do with Kashmir.

    Before I tell you, here’s the background: The blogosphere is engorged again …

  6. netrov Says:

    This was a fiendishly planned attact, again on the 11th of the month – Like nine eleven and the Madrid train attack, the last spate of Bombay attacks was in 1993, the same year when the first attempt was made on the twin towers. Its provenence would then seem to be from the fanatics operating in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region. Its aim must be to create such a tension between Pakistan and Índia that a radical coup d’etat occurs in Pakistan with the securement of nuclear weapons by Islamic fundamamentalists. Recent provocations against Israel may well be timed to advance a common plan. We are living in dangerous times. In such times we may at least lose the illusion of self-suffiency without divine help.

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