June 13, 2006

Bill Campbell is Going to Prison for 2.5 Years! For Tax Evasion.

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And I personally feel that he was guilty of racketeering and bribery too, but he beat those charges.

Campbell Receives Prison Time

ATLANTA — Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell was sentenced to 30 months in prison and one year of supervised release and fined $6,300 for tax evasion.

As the sentencing hearing opened today, Campbell’s attorneys acknowledged that the former mayor failed to report more than $40,000 in income between 1997 and 1999. They said that included $20,000 in cash payments Campbell claims were gifts from his mother.

Campbell faced seven counts of racketeering, bribery and fraud during his trial. Prosecutors had hoped to prove Campbell had taken more than $160,000 in illegal campaign contributions, cash payments, junkets and home improvements from city contractors while he was mayor from 1994 to 2002. But he was acquitted of racketeering and bribery charges.

Each side tried to sway the sentencing decision of U.S. District Judge Richard Story. The judge said sentencing guidelines call for 30 to 37 months imprisonment.

Story ruled that Campbell had obstructed justice, and that he owes almost $63,000 in unpaid taxes.

Bill Campbell was always crying that it was all a bunch of racist attacks. He even had the nerve to compare himself with Martin Luther King Jr. in a 2002 interview about the charges.

From Bill Campbell 2002 interview with Robert Redding Jr.

In the last few years, especially the last two?the FBI has been investigating the city, and you sir, and some members of your administration members, or former administration members now?for contracts that were supposedly rewarded for money under the table?supposedly. The FBI is conducting an investigation. It hasn?t bought any formal charges?your lawyers told the AJC (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), about the FBI charges to ?bring it on.? How is that going?

Bill Campbell: ?This is uh, I think, one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the Justice Department, and the U.S. Attorneys Office and the FBI. One of the most important things for us to remember, particularly here in Atlanta, is that they have a history of doing this. The FBI bugged Dr. King; the Justice Department followed him. The same FBI that was led by J. Edgar Hoover (the FBI Building is named after J. Edgar Hoover), one of the most well-known racists in American history?not only did he bug Dr. King, but he then sent the tapes to his wife, urging Dr. King to kill himself. They infiltrated the Civil Rights Movement. Just because they call it justice doesn?t mean very much. Richard Pryor had a joke, he went down to the court looking for justice, and that?s what he found: just us. And that?s exactly what you?re seeing.

Do you think you?re being demonized by the FBI?

Bill Campbell: Well, what I think is that there are people who have a political and racial motivation?

Well, what would that agenda be?

Bill Campbell: Well, I think to destroy and tarnish black leadership.

I think it’s about time the government protected people from corrupt Black leadership. They’ve been able to avoid prosecution with their race cards for far too long! Politicians of all races who are not involved in corruption are not having any problems with the law. You didn’t hear Duke Cunningham crying about race when he was busted! But people like Bill Campbell think that everyone lives in a racial vacuum and nobody sees that politicians of all affiliations and even races are corrupt and get busted as they should. The FBI Web site created to catch corrupt politicians was not made just for Black politicians. It is good Campbell will at least do a little time for his crimes. Many in his administration where charged well before him. Everyone knew Campbell was dirty and finally some of it was proven in a court of law!

Hat tip to reader misaligned_user.

Now that I’m hear in Tennessee, I see that Black politicians here that are corrupt play the same race based games and use the exact same lies. TN State Senator Roscoe Dixon was found guilty on five counts of extortion and bribery. (Part of operation Tennessee Waltz.) The jury make-up proves that Blacks are sick of hearing this race-based crap from corrupt Black politicians. 5 people on the jury that found him guilty on all counts were Black. And there were Blacks on the jury that convicted Bill Campbell too.

4 Responses to “Bill Campbell is Going to Prison for 2.5 Years! For Tax Evasion.”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    30 months with no parole ain’t bad but I think he skated on the racketeering charge. Once his appeals have been exhausted he’ll be doing 30 in the clink and his career will be over. Well…then again he could run for mayor of Washington D.C. A little crime never hurt nobody in that district.

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell is Evil!

    That fool tried to act as if his poor mother gave him $20,000. And his lawyer Billy Martin even tried to play as if nobody should question the highly suspect letter. Which I personally feel is a total fake and I personally think his mother would be …

  3. Independent Conservative Says:

    Bill Campbell, Go to Prison!

    Good riddance!

    Former Atlanta mayor ordered to report to prison

    By The Associated Press
    ATLANTA – A federal judge Thursday rejected former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell’s request to remain free pending appeal of his tax evasion conviction…

  4. Democrat NJ Attorney General resigns in Scandal Says:

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