June 1, 2006

Farewell Georgia, Hello Tennessee

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You folks know I really love living in Georgia. I could live here till my last day on earth. But there is one thing missing from Georgia, that is causing us to move to Tennessee, family. Both me and my wife moved to Georgia when we each were young and growing in our careers. Now we are at a point where we can continue our careers without being far from family. While a place like Georgia is great, nothing is like being near other family members that love you. Friends are great, but as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water. And for our kids, having them near more family is a plus. This move does not put us any closer to our parents, but offers a mix of being near other close relatives while still being in an environment that we prefer. (Fairly warm climate, Christian and Conservative culture.)

This is something we’ve been planning for a while. I was just wondering when it would be best to announce it on the blog. Congratulations, you’re the last to know 😀 . Next week we’re moving to Tennessee!

Given Randy over at is leaving the Nashville area, my entry into that general area should help to keep the Liberals there in check 😉 .

Of course I’ll still have Georgia on my mind, so I’ll still be finding plenty of interesting things to blog about related to Georgia. In particular Gwinnett County and the Atlanta metro area.

Given that backstaber Bill Frist is leaving the Senate and hails from TN, it will be interesting trying to decide who I will vote for to replace him in the US Senate. Him being replaced is a good thing. Let’s just pray me and others in TN make a good pick! I’m not going to say much about this guy yet, but given my site link selection you should have a pretty good idea of what I think of him 😉 . (The man swings in favor of allowing people to kill babies, so you know I won’t be voting for him!)

6 Responses to “Farewell Georgia, Hello Tennessee”

  1. rightonpeachtree Says:

    Best of luck to you. I went to grad school at UT and loved it in Tennessee. Will you be keeping the blog as it is (in terms of the URL)?

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    Yes the URL will remain the same. I’m Independent and people will call me an evil Conservative no matter where I go 😀 . So it will remain

  3. Dennis Says:

    I pray all goes well with your move.

  4. Ron_B Says:

    Good luck in your move D. TN is a growing state so I am sure that you will catch the wave. I hope that they don’t has as many fools in office as does GA. 🙂

  5. rightwinged Says:

    Good luck down there Darnell. I always suspected you had some family or ties to Tennessee considering a major road in Nashville is “McGavock Pike”, and there’s “McGavock High School”, etc. etc. and prior to moving there I can’t say that I’d ever heard of that name, and haven’t elsewhere. Anyway, sounds like you’re excited. Have fun.

    Hopefully I’ll be set up back in my new/old home Vermont (yeah I know… or should I say: “yeaaaaaaargh”) in the next couple weeks, but I’m still floating in Louisville, KY at the moment.

  6. AirborneVet Says:

    Wow! I guess I should pay more attention. 🙂 By now, it sounds like you are enjoying it. I lived in Jackson for a few years when I was in middle school and junior high. It was all right. My brother went to Memphis State, when it was still Memphis State that is. 🙂

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