April 5, 2006

CNN’s Soledad O?Brien Goes Toe to Toe with Cynthia McKinney

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McKinney Nut So FoxNews had on some stupid psychic this morning and I was not going to watch that junk, so I turned over to CNN. And let me tell you, this was the morning to watch CNN! During an interview, Soledad O?Brien stood her ground against Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. She asked McKinney a question and refused to let McKinney spin away from it! The exchange was most interesting, because Soledad has a Black Cuban mother and even had to tell McKinney that she has an interest in talking about race, but wanted to get the facts of the incident first. In a previous post, I’ve pointed how how Ms. O’Brien favors the Left. So it’s not like Soledad has any political leanings against Liberals.


The exchange was SO HOT, that even Atlanta’s 11 Alive news has a text report about it.

All I have to say is WELL DONE Soledad O?Brien!!!

FINALLY! Cynthia McKinney had to deal with an interview from a Black person, that did not go easy on her. This is good, because with a Black interviewer that sticks to their guns, people like McKinney can’t pull the “you don’t know what it’s like being Black” crap.

Nobody has to be of a certain race to know what a fool looks and acts like.

Expose the Left has audio of departing Texas Congressman Tom Delay calling McKinney out for the racist that she is. Good job Hammer!

4 Responses to “CNN’s Soledad O?Brien Goes Toe to Toe with Cynthia McKinney”

  1. The Buzz Blog Says:

    McKinney Case to Grand Jury.

    AJC: McKinney’s case up to grand jury
    It’s not uncommon for a federal prosecutor to refer a case involving a prominent person to a grand jury to help blunt any appearance of political favoritism. Outside legal experts said the move also c…

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Call Her Spokesman Coz Carson a “Fool”. Video Link!

    As if things were not already bad enough for this nut. Now she’s been caught with her mic on, bad mouthing a member of her staff. In a forgot the mic was on moment, McKinney said this about her spokesman Coz Carson, after being asked about t…

  3. art123 Says:

    What’s missing is her side and the truth.  Though I’d admit if she did in fact slapped the officer, she didn’t have to go there, just ID yourself.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    With McKinney, there is no truth.

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