March 28, 2006

Despite a Plea From the Mayor. Stockbridge, Georgia Insists on Abusing Eminent Domain.

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Last year I mentioned how Mark Meeks, owner of Stockbridge Florist and Gifts is having his business taken from him. The City of Stockbridge, Georgia wants his land. And they WANT IT BAD!! He had a deal to sell his shop to a drug store for $743,000. The city changed the rules for the size of drugstores, to a size so small that the drugstore buyer backed out. Now the city wants to give him $325,000 and they are upset that Mr. Meeks is not accepting their offer. The backhoe has already torn down everything else near his shop and the city is waiting do the same to his property.

Stockbridge insists on land from florist shop

The Stockbridge City Council voted Monday to stick to its guns, maintaining its desire to use eminent domain laws to forcibly buy a florist shop from a couple that does not want to sell.

Mayor R.G. “Rudy” Kelley suggested during that meeting that the city let the Meekses keep their business.

On Monday, after an hour long closed session, Kelley made the recommendation to his fellow council members. They voted 3-1 against the idea.

Councilman Fred Evans, explaining his vote, argued that the Meekses have been unreasonable in their negotiations with the city.

The Meekses say they were near a deal in 2003 to sell the property to a developer who wanted to build a drugstore on the land for $743,000. The deal fell through, the couple says, when the city passed guidelines limiting the size of drugstores.

How is it “unreasonable” for someone to refuse an offer for LESS THAN HALF of what they could have received if the government had not messed up the deal? This city council is just evil. They will stop at nothing to take this land and even when a better offer is made for it they find a way to mess up the deal.

Mr. Meeks has been holding things up with court battles, but his time is running out. The George State Legislature could have already ended all of this mess by passing legislation to stop this kind of abuse. But they are dragging their feet on passing the bill.

Reports say that if the legislature does not intervene in the next day or so, Mr. Meeks’ property will be stolen by the government. I say stolen, because the amount of compensation they are offering him is not true market value, considering the deal he had on the table that they thwarted.

Mr. Meeks has appealed for help from literally everyone he could. He has been on FoxNews with Hannity and Colmes. At last night’s City Council meeting the head of the Henry County NAACP was on hand to support Mr. Meeks. (The city of Stockbridge is part of Henry County.) The Henry County NAACP head mentioned basically, if it happened to him it can happen to anyone.

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