December 15, 2005

Free Elections in Iraq, Thank a Hawk!

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As Iraqis take part in yet another historic election. The vote to determine their nation’s leaders, it is the so-called “hawks” that are responsible for this act of freedom.

Those who wanted war in Iraq were called “hawks” and other more vile names.

Well today proves that the hawk in America is the true advocate of freedom! Because without the “hawks” the current voting in Iraq would not be possible. If the “peace protesters” had their way this election would not be taking place and we would be wondering what terrorists Saddam was funding. How many more suicide bombers in Israel would he have funded? We would be wondering what weapons he was buying and selling. We would be assuming that the Oil For Food Program was actually working, while back door deals ran unnoticed and people starved. Al Qaeda operatives would still be going to Iraq for medical care and safe haven.

Then of course there are the other nations that started cooperating with the USA after the war with Iraq started. Libya might still have weapons that we not known about. North Korea might still be playing strong-arm games. And while Iran’s nuclear efforts continue, it would be even more a pain to consider anyone including Israel attacking Iran with Saddam still controlling Iraq.

Today the hawk has proven to be the defender of freedom and the “peace protester” has proven to be the incubator of tyranny!

Bush took responsibility for his role in all that is viewed as good and bad in all this. As he should, because his efforts have brought freedom to an entire nation, that many thought could never do it. While some complain about numbers of lives sadly lost, all numbers are far below any initial expectations.

So thank you troops for helping to make the world a safer place. And thank you hawks for being true friends of freedom!

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update (12/15/2005 10:03AM ET):
The election in Iraq was so successful and turnout so high that voting was extended an extra hour! Now the polls in Iraq are closed and another success for Freedom is sealed!

update (12/15/2005 1:19PM ET):
And look who showed up in Iraq for the elections, to dip his finger in the purple ink! Bush Bashing Democratic Senator Joseph Biden. The Gateway Pundit has details of that and his history of trashing this effort. What a hypocrite, we know he’s running for President for sure now and this flip-flop is sure to be part of a future video.

Hat tip to The Political Pit Bull.

4 Responses to “Free Elections in Iraq, Thank a Hawk!”

  1. Right Wing Nation Says:

    The Big Story

    (apologies to John Gibson) is the Iraqi election. Ten million Iraqis voted. That’s amazing, not to mention, just plain great. Check out the running article on the elections at Iraq the Model.

  2. Booker Rising Says:

    Free Elections In Iraq, Thank A Hawk!

    Independent Conservative, a black blogger, opines: “Well today proves that the hawk in America is the true advocate of freedom! Because without the ‘hawks’ the current voting in Iraq would not be possible. If the ‘peace protesters’ had their way t…

  3. Independent Conservative Says:

    Bush speaks to the nation about Freedom for Iraq

    Tonight President Bush addressed the nation regarding the importance to continue the effort in Iraq.

  4. Independent Conservative Says:

    The numbers don’t lie, deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan are super low!

    In times of war death is a given. But never has a set of large scale wars by the USA resulted in so FEW deaths.

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