December 14, 2005

Saxby Chambliss goes soft on illegal immigration and runs cover for illegals in agribusiness

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Georgia?s Senior U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss has introduced legislation, that is supposed to crack down on illegal immigration, but really runs cover for illegals in the business he has tight connections to. Senator Chambliss is carrying the ball for President Bush’s Guest Worker Program, while calling it immigration enforcement.

Immigrant bill tough but flexible

Georgia?s senior U.S. senator will introduce legislation today that would combine a get-tough approach toward illegal immigration with flexibility to allow some illegal farm workers to remain in this country temporarily.
Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss? bill has many of the enforcement provisions contained in other measures pending before Congress, including hiring more Customs and Border Patrol officers, building more border checkpoints and detention centers and authorizing state and local police agencies to enforce federal immigration law.
But the bill also would allow illegal immigrants working in farming or related businesses ? including poultry production and landscaping ? to remain in the country for up to two years at the request of their employers.

Employers in farming industries that want to reward allow illegal aliens to stay would only need to pay the government $3,000 per illegal person, to cover various overhead costs related to tracking the rewarded illegal alien worker.

So while presenting this legislation as something that will be “tough” on illegal immigration, it really is a bill that is inviting more illegal immigration, by rewarding current and future illegals with a 2 year stay. And who thinks they will leave if they don’t have work? Yea right, like the illegals that are supposed to show up for hearings, they will simply run off, never to be found again.

It should be no surprise that Senator Chambliss is giving a special break to the farming industry. He is the Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman and you know what that means! He gets plenty of his campaign finance cash from agribusiness. Over 50% of his 2005-2006 PAC contributions are from agribusiness!

Blog Bitter Greens Journal has uncovered an additional link the Senator has with agribusiness.

But his rock-solid support for commodity subsidies may also have a familial angle. I learned from this interview that Sen. Chambliss’ son-in-law is one Joe Baker, owner of Baker Farms in Norman Park, Ga., and boardmember of the Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association.

This farm receives an increasing amount of Federal Farm Subsidies every year! Even in years when farm subsidies for the state decreased, Baker Farms Inc. continued to see an increase.

Well what does Senator Chambliss have to say about “The Agricultural Employment and Workforce Protection Act of 2005”?

Chambliss Wants Accountability in Temporary Farm Jobs

Establishing integrity and accountability in the employment of temporary agricultural workers further ensures a reliable food supply for our nation?s security.

As if Americans are supposed to feel some type of “security” in illegals being rewarded! While the Senator’s bill does offer some increases in enforcement, the reward it offers illegal immigrants will only fuel more illegal activity than any enforcement increase can handle. While there is a claim that this “guest worker” style program will somehow help, it will prove to be yet another failed government program. It will not curb illegal immigration and rewards Chambliss’ main campaign backers.

Also, Chambliss is against withholding social services from illegals:

(from the first article linked above)

?We can?t deny health care to illegal immigrants,?? he said. ?The law says we can?t deny education to their children. I support that.??

This totally goes against efforts in many states including GA, to deny costly social services to illegals. Senator Chambliss’ willingness to give taxpayers’ money to illegals in the form of social services flies in the face of efforts in his home state!

Senator Chambliss, you are letting down the people of the great state of Georgia and our nation. We hoped that you would not reward illegal activity and you would be strong on law enforcement in all areas. Including the defense of our borders.

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update (12/14/2005 9:52PM ET):
Blog Secure Borders has more details.

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