December 1, 2005

When government feels your business is not successful enough!

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Mark Meeks, owner of Stockbridge Florist and Gifts has discovered that why he felt his business was fine the local government is not happy with it’s presence! And the city of Stockbridge, GA is attempting to condemn his shop as part of a “downtown development project”. Basically they want to replace his business with things they feel would be more profitable. His business is in fine shape and nothing is worn down. It is not something that is at all worthy of condemnation.

This particular case of eminent domain abuse may not end with the city taking the property though. Republican lawmakers in Georgia are already working to stop this kind of abuse!

Ruling Delayed on Eminent Domain Case

the Legislature might intervene with new laws on government’s taking of property for economic development projects before the city can seize Stockbridge Florist and Gifts.

Legislators have promised to rein in government’s power of condemnation during the session that begins January ninth.

So if Georgia’s legislature does the good deed Mark Meeks’ current business location will be saved! It would also mean that property across the state is protected from eminent domain abuse!

3 Responses to “When government feels your business is not successful enough!”

  1. Holiday Gifts Says:

    Florist Condemned

    Is it big government or free market developers pushing out a favorite florist?…

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Despite a Plea From the Mayor Stockbridge, Georgia Insists on Abusing Eminent Domain

    Last year I mentioned how Mark Meeks, owner of Stockbridge Florist and Gifts is having his business taken from him. The City of Stockbridge, Georgia wants his land. And they WANT IT BAD!! He had a deal to sell his shop to a drug store for $743,000….

  3. Independent Conservative Says:

    Mark Meeks Wins Over Stockbridge in Eminent Domain Abuse Case and Georgia Passes Law for Future Protection

    Stockbridge Florist and Gifts owner Mark Meeks has won a court battle to keep his store. With no help from the State Legislature, a judge ruled that the city cannot take their property. The judge mentioned that the plan the City of Stockbridge, Geor…

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