November 30, 2005

YES, Tookie it’s time to DIE!!!

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Fellow Conservative blogger A Black Conservative Perspective tells this one like it is!

“TOOKIE” needs to die! (spelling corrections made)

With the liberal left attempting to meet with the governor in order to stop his execution, I’m wondering if the same “concerned” people has made any attempt to visit the family of the victims?

In reality, the same folks trying to get a reprieve, would NVER attempt to get a reprieve for the two killers of James Byrd! To these do-gooders, the white men deserves to die for their horrible crimes, but a black man does not! How’s this for unbridled racism?

That’s similar to what I mentioned in this post.

I am SICK of hearing about this mess! I’m surprised every time a news station spends a single second talking about it! Stanley “Tookie” Williams is not an innocent baby in the womb of a mother that should not be killed! He is a killer! A destroyer of family order because of the lives that he “took”! The co-founder of a gang that ravages communities across the nation even now! And one of that gang’s “home boys” Snoop Dogg is out there trying to save this killer! Any second spent by news companies on this is time spent in foolishness! Governor Schwarzenegger is a fool and embarrassment to the word Conservative for spending a moment even considering excusing killer “Tookie” from the death penalty! (If I lived in CA I would have voted for McClintock! As I’ve said before Schwarzenegger is nothing but a Liberal Republican!) In fact, lethal injection is too kind a way for him to die! He’s going to die a much more calmer death than the people he killed!

I was trying not to say much about this, but this matter has stayed in the news for far too long! This story needs to die and Tookie with it!

I’m sick of seeing people defend these killers an destroyers of communities now that they claim to be “better”! Kill murders like Tookie and let criminals know they won’t get off easy when they commit a crime! If God wants him to live, like Daniel in the Lion’s Den or the 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace he will survive! Don’t count on that happening!

update (11/28/2005 11:02AM ET):
In response to the link at blog Booker Rising to this thread, a commenter pointed out this response from the LA County DA to Tookie’s clemency request. It is standard procedure for this response to be issued, but what is mentioned in the document is nothing less than STUNNING!

(From page 17 of the DA’s response, page 22 of the PDF document.)

It was subsequently discovered that the defendant threatened the jurors after the guilty
verdict was read. Specifically, the defendant looked at the jurors and said he ?was going to get
all? of them. (TT 3072). After learning of this threat, the trial judge inquired of the jury
foreperson. The foreperson confirmed the defendant mouthed the words ?I?m going to get each
and every one of you mother fuckers.? (TT 3078). The foreperson further confirmed that this
threat did not play any part in the deliberations and was, in fact, not discussed during the
penalty phase of the trial. (TT 3078).

6 Responses to “YES, Tookie it’s time to DIE!!!”

  1. Booker Rising Says:

    YES, Tookie It?s Time To DIE!!!

    Asserts Independent Conservative, a black blog, on the upcoming execution date for the convicted felon: “Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams is not an innocent baby in the womb of a mother that should not be killed! He is a killer! A destroyer of family order…

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    The Right to not be Rich

    The recent abuses of eminent domain mean that you have no right to be anything but rich. Anything less means you have no right to own property.

  3. Independent Conservative Says:

    I will resend my current position on Tookie Williams if the following conditions are met

    Blog Booker Rising has an excellent proposal from Ted Hayes.

  4. Independent Conservative Says:

    Nuts on Parade outside Tookie’s execution

    Zombie Time captured the action outside the Tookie execution that never made the network newscasts.

  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    Randal wins The Apprentice!

    In what really came as no surprise, Randal Pinkett won the job to become Donald Trump’s newest apprentice.

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    Alito praises the NAACP’s efforts in Brown v. Board of Education. Proves Roe is not settled law.

    Judge Samuel Alito’s Senate nomination hearings had a ray of light, when he was actually given an opportunity to speak freely on the issue of whether some cases are settled law.
    In his exchanges with Conservative Republican Senator Sam Brownback.

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