November 22, 2005

Is Pastor Gerald Griffith an international child molestor?

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UPDATE 5/25/2007 5:45PM: GUILTY!

Griffith1Griffith Mug ShotGerald Fitroy Griffith, pastor of Redemption Christian Fellowship in Baltimore Maryland has been charged with various abuse charges related to children. Given his international ministry, will this case go global? Sadly, at this point anything is possible! If the charges are in fact true, it would be yet another sad case of abuse by someone in a position of spiritual leadership!

The original report started with this:

Woodlawn pastor is charged with sexually abusing teens

Incidents took place during counseling in his office, police say

A pastor at a Baltimore County church has been charged with sexually abusing teenagers during counseling sessions, police said yesterday.

Gerald Fitroy Griffith, a pastor in the Woodlawn area, was charged with multiple counts of child abuse and sexual abuse of a minor, and with several other sex offenses, according to Baltimore County police.

After five people contacted police about alleged sexual abuse, police began an investigation that led to a warrant being issued for Griffith’s arrest.

The girl said Griffith told her that if she went against him, it was like going against God and she would die, according to the documents.

Just sick, terrible, horrible, despicable 😡 !!!

But it is getting worse!

Sex Abuse Investigation Into Pastor Expands

Police: More Potential Abuse Victims Come Forward

Originally, five people claimed they turned to Griffith for counseling over a four-year period when he allegedly inappropriately touched them.

“We received phone calls of potential other victims. We’re investigating those phone calls and it’s going to take a couple days,” Baltimore County police Cpl. Michael Hill said.

Now in places as far away as Grenada, Christians affected by his ministry are in shock!

Christians in Grenada stunned by pastor?s arrest

ST. GEORGE?S, Grenada: The Christian community in Grenada was shocked on Thursday after receiving news of the arrest of a Baltimore County, Maryland, pastor on sexual abuse charges.

Gerald Griffith, who visited Grenada on two occasions after Hurricane Ivan, opened the eyes of many here who attended his crusades. But despite the bad news many believe that Pastor Griffith is innocent.

Baltimore County police are asking for anyone who may have been victimized locally, or outside of Baltimore County, by Pastor Griffith to contact Detective Charles Allan of the County Police Department at 410-853-3650.

Nothing has been proven, but I think of this the way Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke of rumors surrounding his own indiscretions: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”! At this point for me to feel that Griffith did nothing wrong, would mean that several children are liars and that number is growing! I find it hard to believe that so many children would make something up.

So I’m starting to wonder, just how far this scandal will spread!

If found guilty, I hope he spends the rest of his natural life doing prison ministry from behind bars! With this type of abuse I’m teetering on the verge of advocating the death penalty for these nuts. But for now I’m content with life imprisonment for these types of folks! They are the reason many of today’s adults have issues with their sexuality! Also way too many molesters are never able to stop that activity!

update (11/23/2005 11:36PM ET)
The news has spread to Trinidad, his home!

update (1/4/2006 2:17PM ET)
The news has spread to Grenada and Barbados.

3 Responses to “Is Pastor Gerald Griffith an international child molestor?”

  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    Now a Deacon at Gerald Griffith’s church has been charged too!

    This mess just gets bigger and bigger!

  2. flessans Says:

    Is there any update as to the charges?

  3. IndependentConservative Says:

    The case is still in process. See the section that has the words “update 3/8/2007 5:15PM” in this other related post.

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