October 26, 2005

What really happened to the New Orleans levee in 1927

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Given the people who have made up claims about the New Orleans levee being blown-up have not provided any factual proof to back up their claim. They’ve brought up events from 1927. But did those events mirror their unproven claims of what happened recently? Not really!

The person who says it best is the man who wrote a book about the events of 1927. John M. Barry, author of “Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and how it Changed America” did an interview on FoxNews recently. To watch video of that interview click this link, then select the “video” tab that you will see in about the middle of that page. Then select “Watch John Barry’s Interview”. After watching that you can watch the video of an interview done just afterwards with Farra-The-Con, to see how he tries to twist Barry’s words to suit his own unproven claims.

The 1927 flood was a planned action where people were evacuated ahead of time. The areas flooded were not all Black areas at all. The flood plan involved making openings in the levee to free water pressure. This by design would flood some lower lying areas that were not in the heart of New Orleans. Given it’s best for any town to keep it’s main business area alive to maintain and restore jobs for people, the flood plan called for flooding a less wealthy part of town. It was all planned and while business leaders had great influence over the plan there was no hidden bomb in a levee! The activities were known so everyone knew what would happen. It was not racially motivated and not done in an effort to kill anyone. There was no malicious intent! And as we know the area was rebuilt. At any rate, the flood plan was a terrible idea, but those with the most influence did not know the idea was bad at the time.

Also, you can check out another interview Mr. Barry did with NPR.

In that interview he mentions how years in advance people complained the flood policy was a terrible one and nothing was done. Sound familiar? Also Blacks who were mostly voting Republican felt betrayed by then President Herbert Hoover, because of what happened in refugee camps and began voting in larger numbers for Democrats. Hoover had made promises to the refugees that were not delivered on. Also many blacks left the South around that time.

The Black vote was about fairly split up until the 1960 election. And if you like you can read details here about when and why it went more solidly for Democrats then and afterwards.

So there it is. The levee was blown up in 1927 as a planned flood to relieve water pressure. No intent to kill people. No intent to destroy a Black community. Just some guys who had a bad idea and wanted to keep a city alive. In all that it was, it was nothing like some levee bomb conspiracy theorists try to make it out to have been. The events of 1927 do nothing to back up their unproven claims that the New Orleans levee was blown up after hurricane Katrina passed over the city!

Here is a related CNN article about a song written regarding the events of that time.

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4 Responses to “What really happened to the New Orleans levee in 1927”

  1. Independent Conservative Says:

    Lies about the New Orleans levee result in death threats!

    The lies spewed by people like Spike Lee and Louis Farrakhan are causing some who believed those lies to respond with threats against FEMA workers.

  2. Independent Conservative Says:

    Jesse Jackson was right, a barge did hit the New Orleans levee in the 9th Ward area

    I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and on this particular issue regarding Jesse Jackson, I fully concede making a mistake. Given the facts now presented.

  3. NewOrleansTours Says:

    I choose To Believe David Gonzalez Former Employee Of Antiones Restaurant and His Wife Dixie Who Claim To Witnessing The Lower 9Th ward Levee Being Blown.
    So Are We Suppose To Actually Believe That The Day Following Katrina a Barge Decided To Grow a Brain and Defy Laws Of nature Such As Going With The Flow Hooked a hard Left And Blasted a 200 Yard wide Hole In the Levee? Yeah Ok Pal if You Say So.

  4. IndependentConservative Says:

    Oh yea, that claim of the levee being blown-up looks credible…NOT.

    (This is such a waste of my time, comments are closed from this point. Just wanted to give the last lame response the opportunity to be seen. It only helps show how lame the blown up levee claims really are.)

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