October 14, 2005

The solution for people living in high crime inner cities

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Here is the solution and if you live in a high crime inner city it’s about time you tried it!

Plenty of societies face poverty. But they don’t all have violent savages to the degree we see in some of our inner cities! I feel there is a solution for those who have to endure this mess. I figure anyone who can has already left and I would too! Nobody wishes to keep their family in a dangerous situation. So those who still must endure this mess, must give up on Liberal views of law enforcement and politics in general to save themselves and their family. Let’s face it, the thugs are not voting and probably don’t pay taxes. But Atlanta and many cities like it have had the same types of sorry elected officials for a long time! Officials that embrace a Liberal view of law enforcement. They continue to be elected because they often play on race or claim they are for “the people”… Let’s be honest here, the candidate that is for big business is not going to allow crap to flourish because it’s bad for business! So consider voting for that “big business” candidate. That one that you were told might “turn back the clock” by doing away with something like Affirmative Action programs. Usually that candidate is the one that wants to do something about crime to attract more businesses. You can use the prospect of business and gentrification to your advantage. If nothing else it might result in more business actually coming to your city, which would offer more job opportunities to help people get out if they want to leave! Now Atlanta has plenty of businesses THAT ARE LEAVING THE CITY OR ALREADY LOCATED IN THE SUBURBS! Some areas have improved but there have been complaints about the progress. Stop complaining about increased property values. You want things to go up, so you are better protected, your police are better paid because there is more tax revenue to pay them with and your elected officials will want to keep the money rolling and do away with the crime and gangs!

In addition to this, instead of people “marching” over a police officer doing something keep up the efforts to protest in the streets against the thugs. This can be a life threatening action, but your life is already at risk by being in the area. So the only “silent” means of improving your community is to vote for the big business candidates that wants to drive up property values.

You’ve tried the Liberal route for a long time. How about trying something different?

We know more 2 parent (1 male, 1 female) homes would help. Kids not dropping out of school would help. And so on. But you’ve already got savages in your mist! So to get rid of them you’ve got to do what will drive them out! Vote to run up the value of your area! Don’t vote to have government give money to the poor. Vote to have business give people a job, by bringing more businesses to your area! And if you have a problem with more Whites moving in as a result of that, what would you rather have a White neighbor or the thugs to stay on the corner? Personally I’m happy living with people that want to continue improving their community and I could care less what their skin tone is!

update (10/14/2005 2:54PM ET): And how could I forget! Law abiding people need to own guns! You folks in Atlanta know it worked for Kennesaw, GA! So also consider exercising your right to bear arms! The thugs already have theirs. By not owning one you only put yourself at a disadvantage. And why would you worry with having the cops try and get there in time with their guns when you can better protect yourself given your gun would be right there with you. Now it would not help in cases where you call the cops about something you see, but it would help you protect yourself!

Personally I’ve always been amazed by the Christian that refuses to own a gun, but it totally willing to call police over with their guns where there is a problem. It’s like farming out the gun use to someone else as if that absolves them of all involvement 🙄 . If you want to claim gun use and gun ownership are wrong, then next time someone breaks into your house GET ON YOUR KNEES! Cause you sure would not want to call anyone over like the cops who might shoot someone!

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