October 12, 2005

Spike Lee believes the New Orleans levee was blown up!

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Director and unsubstantiated conspiracy theory follower Spike Lee is on the bandwagon of those claiming the New Orleans levee was blown up! In an interview yesterday on CNN with Daryn Kagan, Mr. Lee said the following:

KAGAN: I’m doing good. Let me just ask you one hurricane- related story. Because in your work, you’ve never shied away, of course, of racial, of social issues. Do you think there’s a movie to be made about that story of what’s happened along the Gulf Coast?

LEE: Yes, I’m about to do a documentary for HBO. It’s called “When the Levee Broke.” And we hope to — I mean, like your great story you just had. You know, there’s a great film, “Chinatown.” Remember the film “Chinatown” with Jack Nicholson…

KAGAN: Yes, I do, yes.

LEE: … and John Houston? Where they flooded…

KAGAN: The L.A. basin.

LEE: The thing — the L.A. Basin. So the — it’s the same thing in “Chinatown.” I know Robert Towne wrote the screenplay, but I believe that, you know, it’s not too far-fetched to think that, look, we got a bunch of poor black people here. We got to save these other neighborhoods. What we got to do, dump this in this ward, boom. I believe it.

So there you have it! Now this insane claim that the New Orleans levee was blown up to sacrifice Black people has gone from an uneducated former Calypso singer (Farrakhan), to the mouth of a college educated director. Mr. Lee’s evidence to back his claim is the 1974 movie Chinatown. Maybe there should be a federal investigation and they can review the movie Chinatown as part of the investigative hearings 😀 ….

But wait, Spike says he’s got more evidence to back up his claim:

KAGAN: Well, let me just ask. So you believe the idea that this flooding took place on purpose?

LEE: Hey, I don’t put anything — have you heard of the Tuskeegee experiment? I don’t put anything past the United States government.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment ended over 30 years ago and has been fully investigated. Since then appologies have been given and the US Government has not been found to carry out similar activity since. And for anyone wondering, the AIDS tests on foster children that were found to VIOLATE FEDERAL GUIDELINES does not compare and was not activity approved by a government agency! So given an incident from over 30 years ago that involved about 400 Black Men, Mr. Lee feels he has justification to claim the government blew up a levee to destroy an entire area full of Black people 🙄 .

What I don’t understand is this! Why does Mr. Lee not also claim that Blacks within the 9th Ward blew up the levee themselves? We all know without a doubt that Blacks killed in the 9th Ward over the last 30 years were mostly killed by other Black people. So using the Mr. Lee logic it would seem even more plausible that Blacks within the 9th Ward decided to blow up the levee to kill other Blacks themselves! Plenty of times Blacks have fired into crowds of other Blacks to kill a person they don’t like. Maybe a Black blew up the levee to kill someone he did not like? It’s not like the savages that fire into a crowd ever cared about innocent life!

Also, given the MILLIONS of Blacks that have died at the hands of groups like Planned Parenthood.
Blacks Killed by Abortion since 1973
It is much more plausible a theory that White Liberals blew up the levee to kill Blacks. They’ve been approving the mass killing of Blacks since the year after the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment ended!

Now I’m sure reading some of my theories sounds insane. I don’t believe them at all, but they are founded on much better evidence than claims that the US Government blew up the New Orleans levee.

Also I think actor Joseph C. Phillips said it best during yesterday’s Reclaiming Our Destiny: The New Black Vanguard Conference II. He mentioned that people admit the US has given a massive outpouring of support and aid to hurricane victims from New Orleans. While admitting that America has shown them a great deal of love, some like Mr. Lee are also trying to claim that once an American enters a role in the US Government, they suddenly become evil. It just does not fit the facts!

During the interview Spike mentions that his movie will just tell the story of what happened “when the levee broke” and he’s not going to use it to try and infer any opinion. Given we already know Spike’s view, I find it near impossible that anything he creates will be based fully on facts and not include any of his insane thoughts about the levee being blown up! Why don’t these folks just admit, HURRICANE KATRINA BLEW THE LEVEE UP?!!! Because blaming government is profitable!

Also during this interview, Spike speaks about if he tried to make one of his old films today:

KAGAN: OK. By the way, happy anniversary. Twenty years since “She’s Gotta Have It.” I was reading, you made it $175,000. It went onto make $8 million at the box office. If you went to Hollywood today and tried to make that movie, how would that story play out?

LEE: Well, it would be very different. Because I was — you know, everything’s about luck and timing. Because if you do a film about an African-American woman who’s having several lovers at the same time, we were lucky because this is before anybody knew anything about AIDS. Now I’d be branded a…

KAGAN: It’s a different time.

LEE: … you know, an unmoral — different time. So everything is timing. I’ll be branded unresponsible filmmaker.

KAGAN: You would be called an irresponsible filmmaker if you tried to do that.

LEE: Right.

Given all the problems in this nation caused by sexual immorality it would be good if he was right. But the facts show he’s wrong! Just last year Spike Lee made the movie She Hate Me, which featured:

Plot Outline: Fired from his job for exposing corrupt business practices, a former biotech executive turns to impregnating wealthy lesbians for profit.

I did not hear cries of him being an irresponsible filmmaker, although I find that movie to be full of sinful behavior!

So I must say Mr. Lee, I’m very glad you tell kids about the problems in much of the music they listen to, but beyond that I find you to be a total nut!

update (10/22/2005 3:03PM ET): Spike Lee is still making the crazy claims that he made on CNN. The Political Teen has video.

update (10/26/2005 1:57PM ET): Spike has added the exploding of the 1927 New Orleans levee to his list of proof in later interviews. I explore his latest bogus piece of proof in this post. I first heard Farra-The-Con mention the 1927 event. So I guess Spike is running with that too 🙄 ! Farra-The-Con has even gone as far as to bring up the explosion at the USS Maine, he’s so desperate for evidence :roll:!

8 Responses to “Spike Lee believes the New Orleans levee was blown up!”

  1. AirborneVet Says:

    Thanks for reading my blog and letting me know about yours. It just gets my goat that the media is playing along with this crap! Why don’t they just call it like it is during the interviews? It’s RACISM, folks! Plain and simple! Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you can’t be racist.

  2. IndependentConservative Says:

    I think Spike Lee should request a promotional interview with Laura Ingraham 🙂 .

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  5. Independent Conservative Says:

    Lies about the New Orleans levee result in death threats!

    The lies spewed by people like Spike Lee and Louis Farrakhan are causing some who believed those lies to respond with threats against FEMA workers.

  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    Jesse Jackson was right, a barge did hit the New Orleans levee in the 9th Ward area

    I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and on this particular issue regarding Jesse Jackson, I fully concede making a mistake. Given the facts now presented.

  7. Independent Conservative Says:

    Spike Lee Included New Orleans Levee Bombing Theory in His Documentary. Does he also Include the Facts About the Barge That Caused the “BOOM”?

    This is going to be interesting…

    Spike Lee’s Katrina documentary to open

    Titled “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts,” the film premieres Wednesday night at the New Orleans Arena. Organizers say they e…

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