October 2, 2005

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam’s duping of Blacks

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Growing up I was able to listen to Louis Farrakhan speeches on the radio every week. And often I did tune in since they were broadcast on my college’s radio station. I’ve also attended a private speech that he gave in Philadelphia about 10-11 years ago. I also attended the first Million Man March. And I’ve had numerous friends and acquaintances over the years who were either devout followers or supporters of Louis Farrakhan. So when I write here about Louis Farrakhan I am not speaking from a lack of knowledge or understanding of who he is and what he is about. (I am a Christian who looked into what he was talking about for myself so I would know the truth. And know it with the assurance of my own personal observations.) And before you read any further, let me give you my conclusion of him and his organization up front. The Nation of Islam is the full embodiment of an anti-establishment revolutionary organization, with the intent to work with all interested parties in destroying Western culture. Think of them like Hitler, Mugabe or Kim Il-sung before they gained power over a nation. Like those individuals Farrakhan lies in waiting, drumming up support for himself and his organization. Hoping for the day when he can assume power over as much of America as possible.

Farrakhan’s means of growing his power initially was much like Nation of Islam (NOI) leaders before him. To play on race in order to garner support for himself. Using a perversion of a religion that I do not find to be a good faith to choose even in it’s purest form – Islam. Over time as mainstream Islam denounced the NOI Farrakhan adjusted the organization to appeal more to mainstream Muslims. So he could grow his base of allies. Also as the NOI is attacked for it’s expressions of racial hatred Farrakhan attempts to make himself appear like less of a racist to again maintain influence and allies. But do not be fooled. At it’s core the NOI has not changed a bit and while offering one face in public, the NOI is still the racist organization it always was. Still seeing Blacks as “god” and Whites and The Devil and viewing Jews as something less than even Whites.

So in his latest attempts to drum up support for his upcoming Millions More March, Farrakhan has launched a conspiracy theory that the levees in New Orleans where blown up and Blacks were not allowed out of the city. This theory has no foundation in facts at all. White areas were also flooded in New Orleans. White people also died. No actual evidence has ever been presented to show anything was blown up, but people who have been taught to live in fear of racist attacks actually believe the lies. Also the issue of people not being allowed out of the city was an isolated incident and both Whites and Blacks in the affected group were treated the same and not allowed into a neighboring town.

In the article linked above here is a twisted tale that Farrakhan claims New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin told him:

“Mayor Nagin told us that those poor brothers and sisters that went to the Superdome, these were the ones who made it out of their houses but didn’t have any money or means to get out of the city . . . So when the water began to rise around the Superdome, Mayor Nagin told them to get out and start marching over the bridge, the I-10, and get out of here. So they started marching. And when they got over that bridge into the next parish, which was white, they were met with attack dogs and machine guns.”

Farrakhan claimed that Mayor Nagin told him warning shots were fired to keep the black evacuees at bay.

“This is Mayor Nagin talking to us,” he told the Memphis gathering. “They fired the machine guns over the heads of the crowd. They accepted any white people that were there, but no black people.”

Farrakhan will often attribute his far fetched claims to others in an attempt to keep blame from himself.

The facts show that in the one isolated incident where people were kept out of a neighboring town (Gretna) that both Whites and Blacks were kept out.

“What we were told by the deputies is that they were not going to allow another New Orleans, and they weren’t going to allow a Superdome to go into their side of the bridge, Gretna,” said Slonsky.

“So to us, that reeks absolute racism, since our group that was trying to cross over was women, children, predominantly African-American,” she said.

Anybody know any Black people named “Slonsky”? I saw the actual interview and can confirm she’s not Black.

Also here’s another little stated fact:

“Our people had left. Our city was locked down and secured, for the sake of the citizens that left their valuables here to be protected by us.”

The chief said he had not spoken with any of the officers involved in the incident.

More than 56 percent of Gretna’s population is white, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and under 36 percent are black.

I’m not trying to in any way defend what the police did. Personally I feel in the mist of a crisis it was wrong. HOWEVER!!! Those police were protecting the property of both Whites and Blacks. And at 36 percent Gretna has a sizable Black population. I wonder how many of them are upset nobody was allowed into their town when they got home and found their belongings safe while others in the New Orleans area had their property looted? Again not saying I support the action, but it has a basis that is not totally racist although I personally feel race may have played a role in the actions taken.

To take in all the facts does not play well into Farrakhan’s race baiting plot. So he adjust the story to encourage outrage!

This is nothing new for him. He has presented the made up Willie Lynch Speech as fact. When it has been found to be nothing but a made up story. And as William Jelani Cobb points out:

it presumes that whites, or any other diverse group, do not face divisive gender issues, generation gaps and class distinctions. Willie Lynch offers no explanation for the white pro-lifer who guns down a white abortion-provider or white-on-white domestic violence. He does not explain political conflicts among different Latino groups or crime in Asian communities. Unity is not the same as unanimity and in the end, black people are no more disunited than any other group of people ? and a lot more united than we give ourselves credit for.

Still despite the facts some people will continue to try and substantiate anything that proceeds from the mouth of Farrakhan. Which to me makes some of them even more a danger than Farrakhan himself!

There are some well known Blacks who have taken issue with Farrakhan over the years. Years ago, during one of Farrakhan’s attempts to have a new Million Man March I found a church that openly stood up against him and distributed this document to people attending their church on the Sunday of 8/2/1997. I received a copy that day and digitally scanned it then. Which is the digital copy I’ve linked to here. But since then the head of that church Bishop Eddie Long has met with Farrakhan and hosted a “State of Black America” summit in 2004 at his church. Which was basically a forum where people like Farrakhan could gain more supporters. (Farrakhan was a featured speaker at the event and even spent time on stage with Bishop Long.) I find it sad that this church once found Farrakhan to be totally contrary to the Word of God, but the pastor has changed his tune in regards to someone of this ilk.

Still others who have found issues with the NOI continue to speak out. This one write-up is a must read:
Neither Black nor African by Abdullah Al Araby It proves the falsehood of many NOI lies. Also here is another write-up that also shows the truth and the racist history of Farrakhan and the NOI.

So while we know how negative, racist and even dangerous someone like Farrakhan is, amazingly the Mayor of New Orleans did actually meet with him. Whether or not Mayor Nagin ever fed Farrakhan any of the current lies he spews (in whole or part) is unknown. But it is known that Mayor Nagin will have to answer for this action: Ray Nagin Chastised for Farrakhan Meeting.

Probably because of it’s high Black population the NOI seems to have targeted New Orleans as a fertile recruiting ground. As the article points out, this is not the first time the NOI has been involved in New Orleans’ affairs:

The Buzz also wondered:

“Why are the City of New Orleans and its leaders obsessed with the Nation of Islam? Earlier in the year, Police Chief Eddie Compass hired a Nation of Islam official to conduct sensitivity training for his police officers. . . .

“Having the Nation of Islam conduct sensitivity training is akin to hiring David Duke to teach classes on race relations. It was a ludicrous idea that was strenuously opposed by religious leaders in the community, forcing Compass to eventually withdraw the contract.

“After that experience, why would Nagin fraternize with the Nation of Islam again, especially when the City of New Orleans needs as much goodwill as possible to recover from this storm?”

Now Police Chief Eddie Compass has retired and said he is going on to something else that in his words “God has for me”. It is sad that these self professing Christians choose to team with unholy racists! I think at times Eddie Compass performed a hero’s job in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Although I pray he makes better company in his future endeavors.

14 Responses to “Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam’s duping of Blacks”

  1. Ron_B Says:

    Good post!

    I too attended the first MMM. I was entralled by the GATHERING OF A LARGE QUANTITY OF BLACK MEN. The people on the stage were not impressive to me. The fact that hundreds of thousands of our people could gather for a purpose without any fighting, their showing respect and their responding to a call for action will permanently be etched within my mind.

    Unfortunately the fact that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are playing a prominent role in the activity this time and their motivations are more for the Democrats than they are for REAL Black freedom of consciousness, coupled with Farrahkan’s words lead me to believe that there are more productive ways to achieve success in this area.

    Many of the same people who took the stage in Atlanta for the Voters Rights Act rally that turned into an “Angry Democrat Rally” showed their true character when they chose to act out in this manner.

    D – we as a Black people are suffering from an OPPRESSIVE CULTURE that is bearing down upon us. This is not going to change until more of us ACCEPT THE TRUTH and are willing to change. To attempt to redirect blame on the outside of our scope is to accept EXCUSES and to damn us to another generation of confusion.

    We need change but it ain’t gonna come from the cast of characters assembled on that stage.

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  6. Independent Conservative Says:

    What really happened to the New Orleans levee in 1927

    Given the people who have made up claims about the New Orleans levee being blown-up have not provided any factual proof to back up their claim. They’ve brought up events from 1927. But did those events mirror their claims of what happened? No…

  7. Independent Conservative Says:

    New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is upset Mexicans are taking part in the effort to rebuild New Orleans.

    I’m sure if Mexicans were sending him money he would be more than happy to accept it. But Mexicans coming to New Orleans to do work and help repopulate the area are getting a stiff rebuke!

  8. Independent Conservative Says:

    Michael Jackson still does not like Jews!

    A decade ago when Michael Jackson made some negative comments about Jews in a song, then apologized I knew his heart was not changed. And here we are a decade later….he’s done it again!

  9. Independent Conservative Says:

    Lies about the New Orleans levee result in death threats!

    The lies spewed by people like Spike Lee and Louis Farrakhan are causing some who believed those lies to respond with threats against FEMA workers.

  10. Independent Conservative Says:

    Jesse Jackson was right, a barge did hit the New Orleans levee in the 9th Ward area

    I have no problem admitting when I am wrong and on this particular issue regarding Jesse Jackson, I fully concede making a mistake. Given the facts now presented.

  11. Independent Conservative Says:

    Blackavist nuts want a Black Boycott on Christmas eve! BAHAHAHA!!!

    This one was just too nutty to pass up!

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